Be fluid, move. Die each moment to the past and be born again so you don’t carry any ideology, any fixed attitude towards life, and you are always open and available, responding. Then only those problems will be there which are needed, which are part of your growth.

As I see, there are people who are living just routine lives; they are not true lives, just making empty gestures. Their problems are also empty, meaningless. Somebody comes and asks, “Is there a God?” The problem is empty. How are you concerned with God?

You have not even known yourself yet. Start from the beginning, begin from the beginning. You have not even known the knower. You have not even known what this awareness is within you. And you are asking about God? You are asking about the absolute awareness, the ultimate awareness, and you have not even learned that awareness which has already been given to you as a gift. You have not Learned about the flower that is in your hand, and you ask about ultimate flowering? Foolish.

Forget all about God. Right now, enter into your being and see what God has given to you, what the whole has given to you. And if you can learn it, more doors will be opened for you. The more you learn, the more mysteries open. And God is the ultimate mystery – when you have learned everything else and nothing remains to be learned and you have passed through all the turmoils, anxieties, anguishes of life, only then. God is the last gift; you have to earn it.

Don’t ask questions which are irrelevant to you.

And don’t live a routine life of empty gestures. People go to the church – empty gestures.

They never wanted to go there; then why are you going? Because everybody else is going, because it is a social formality, because people think good if you go to the church, because it gives you a certain respectability. These people would not have gone to Jesus, but they go to the church. The Church is respectable; Jesus was never. To go to Jesus was difficult. To go to Jesus was to put your respectability at stake.

You are here. You have to put your respectability at stake because you are not going to gain any respectability by coming to me. You may lose, but you cannot gain. It cannot be formal because who bothers to stake so much for a formal thing? It can only be of the heart.

People do their prayer, it has to be done: empty gesture. No love in their hearts, no gratitude in their hearts, and they go on doing prayer. Then problems arise which are useless.

Do only that for which you have feelings.

I have heard: A former railway worker, aged eighty, had his home by the railway line. He was retired.

He used to count the wagons on every goods train that passed. There was no need, but an old habit. One Sunday at a family picnic, his son noticed that he was ignoring a passing train and asked, “Why, why are you not counting the wagons?”

Answered the old man, “I don’t work on Sundays.”

Watch your life. Make it truer, authentic, real. Don’t move through empty gestures; otherwise your questions will be empty. They will look like problems, but they will not be real problems.

Now what is the difference between a real problem and a pseudo problem? A pseudo problem is that which can be solved yet nothing is solved. And a real problem is that which, even if it is not solved, the very effort to solve it solves much. In the very effort you become more alert, more knowing, more understanding. You come to know much about yourself that was never known before.

A problem is an opportunity to face yourself, to go on a pilgrimage inside your being. A problem is a door. Use it to enter into your own being.

So this is my answer: a problem is an opportunity to grow. A problem is a gift of God, a challenge from the divine. Face it, find out ways, how to transcend it, how to go above it, and you will be tremendously benefited.


When I say don’t make a mistake twice, I am not saying to evaluate, to judge, to compare.

I am saying to see – when you are making a mistake see it so totally that you see that it is a mistake. In that very seeing it is dropped; you will never be able to repeat it.

For example, if you put your hand in the fire and it is burned. Next time when you will be near fire, will you do an Aristotelian syllogism, that this too is a fire, all fires bum, therefore I have not to put my hand in it? Are you going to compare it with the past experience? Are you going to evaluate? If you are doing that, then you cannot avoid committing the mistake again because then the mind will say, “Maybe this fire is different. And who knows, the fire may have changed its way of life. It may not behave the same this time. Maybe it was angry that time, and this time it is not angry. And who knows?”

The mind who evaluates, judges, compares, is already showing that it has not understood the point. Otherwise what is the need of evaluation, Comparison? If you have seen a fact, the very fact is enough. You will avoid the fire.

So when you are passing through experiences, remain alert, don’t be deaf and blind. I am not saying to look back. I am saying just look right now, wherever you are, and if it is a mistake, it will be dropped on its own accord. Knowing a mistake as a mistake, it drops.

If it is not dropping on its own, that simply shows you have not yet known totally that it is a mistake. Somewhere or other the illusion continues that it is not.

People come and say to me, “We know anger is bad, and we know it is poisonous, and we know it is destructive to ourselves, but what to do? We keep on being angry.” What are they saying? They are saying that they have heard people say that anger is bad, they have read in the scriptures that anger is poisonous; but they have not known themselves. Otherwise finished.

Socrates has said, “Knowledge is virtue” A great dictum. He says to know is to be. Once you have known, this is a wall and not a door, you are not going to knock your head against it again and again. Once you have known; it is a wall, then you search for the door. Once you have found the door, you always pass through the door. It is not a question of again and again thinking about the past experiences, comparing, deciding, concluding.

I have heard: A deaf priest was hearing confessions, when a man came into the box, dropped onto his knees and said, “Oh, Father, I have done a terrible thing. I have murdered my mother.”

“What?” said the old priest, cupping his hand to his ear.

“I have murdered my mother!” said the penitent, rather louder.

“What is that? Speak up,” ordered the man of God.

“I have murdered my mother!!!” roared the poor distraught sinner.

“Ah,” said the priest, “how many times?”

A deaf person is a deaf person, a blind person is a blind person. If you don’t listen to experience, if you are deaf to your experience, then you will go on repeating the same, again and again and again. In fact to say that you are repeating is not right: you are doing it again, as a new thing – because the last time you missed. It is not a repetition.

This is my understanding: that no mistake is ever repeated once you have understood it as a mistake. If you repeat it, it simply shows you are doing it fresh, because the past has not entered – in your consciousness yet. You are doing it for the first time again; but it is not a repetition. If you have understood it, then it cannot be repeated. Understanding is alchemical; it transforms you.

So I am not telling you to become very clever, calculating, and always thinking what is good and what is bad and what to do and what not to do, what is moral, what is immoral – I am not saying that. I am simply saying to you: from wherever you are passing, pass with full alertness, so nothing that is wrong is repeated again.

This is the beauty of awareness: that which is right is enhanced through it; that that which is wrong is destroyed through it. Awareness functions as life energy to good and as death energy to bad. Awareness functions as a blessing to good and as a curse to bad. If you ask me my definition of sin, this is my definition: that which can be done with full awareness is not sin; that which cannot be done with full awareness is sin. Or that which can only be done in unawareness is sin, and that which can only be done in awareness is virtue. So forget about sin and virtue. Remember awareness, that’s all.

The whole point of evolution is between awareness, unawareness. Become more aware and less unaware. Bring your energy to be more aflame with awareness, that’s all.


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