VBT – Meditation 90.2

Quality Of The Eyes

For tantra, deep sleep revitalizes you not because of sleep, but just because the energy which was moving out, moves in. If you know the secret, then what an ordinary man is doing in six hours or eight hours of sleep, you can do within minutes. What an ordinary man is doing in eight hours, really he is not doing. He is allowing nature to do something, and he is not aware of what it is. A mysterious process is happening in your sleep. One of the basic things is that your energy is not moving out; it goes on falling on your heart, and that revitalizes you. You are in a deep bath with your own energy.

Something more about this moving energy. You might have observed that whenever there is a dominant man, he always stares in your eyes. Whenever there is a dominated-man, he looks down.

Slaves, servants, or anyone who is inferior to someone, will never stare in the eyes of the superior.

But the superior can stare. Kings can stare, but standing before a king, standing in the audience of the king, you are not supposed to stare. That would be an offence. You have to look down.

Really, with your eyes your energy moves. It can become a subtle violence. And not only in man, even in animals. When two strangers meet, two animals meet, they stare each other in the eye just to judge who is going to be the superior and who is going to take the role of the inferior. And once one animal looks down, the thing is decided. Then they will not fight; the thing is over. It is now taken for granted who is superior.

Even children play the game of staring into each other’s eyes, and whoever looks away is defeated.

And they are right. When two children stare into each other’s eyes, whosoever becomes first uncomfortable and starts fidgeting and starts looking away and avoiding the look of the other, is defeated. The one who goes on staring is stronger. If your eyes can defeat the other’s eyes, it is a subtle indication that you are stronger than the other.

On the stage when someone comes to speak or to act, he becomes very afraid, a great trembling happens. Even with those who are long in the profession, old actors… even when they come on the stage a fear grips them, because so many eyes are staring; there is so much aggressive energy.

There is so much energy from the thousands of people staring at them that they suddenly start trembling deep down. A fear grips them. A subtle energy is flowing through the eyes, a very subtle energy. The subtlest, the most refined of physical forces, is flowing through the eyes. And the quality of the energy changes with you.

From the eyes of a Buddha a different type of energy is flowing. From the eyes of Hitler a totally different type. If you look at Buddha’s eyes, they accept you, they welcome you, they become a door. If you look at Hitler’s eyes, they reject you, they condemn you, they push you away, they throw you away. For Hitler, his eyes are like weapons; for Buddha, his eyes are compassion. The quality of the eyes changes. Sooner or later we must come to measure the eye-energy, and then there will be no need to know much about the man. Just the eye-energy and its quality will show what type of man is hidden behind. Sooner or later that will be possible.


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