VBT – Meditation 91.0


Experience Your Etheric Body

This can be done only if you have done the previous. It can be done separately also, but then it will be very difficult. But if you do the previous, then it is good to do this and very easy.

Whenever this happens – that you feel light, levitating, as if you can fly – suddenly you will become aware that around your body form there is a bluish light. But, that you can see only when you feel that you can levitate, that your body can fly, that it has become light, completely free of any burden, completely free of any gravitation towards the earth.

Not that you can fly; that is not the point. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it happens that it comes to such a balancing point that your body goes up. But that is not the goal, and don’t think about it at all. This much will do: if you feel with closed eyes that your body has gone up. When you open your eyes you will see you are just sitting on the ground, so don’t become worried about it. If with closed eyes you feel as if your body has gone up and you feel there is no weight to it, this is enough.

For meditation this is enough. But if you are trying to learn levitation, then it is not enough. But I am not interested in that, and I will not tell you anything about it. This much is enough – that you feel that your body has no weight, it has become weightless.

Whenever you feel this weightlessness, just with closed eyes become aware of the form of your body. Just with closed eyes, feel your toes and their form, and the legs and their form, and then the form of the whole body. If you are sitting in a siddhasana, just like a Buddha, then feel the form while sitting like a Buddha. Just inside try to feel the form of your body. It will become apparent, it will appear before you, and you will simultaneously become aware that just around the form there is a bluish light.

Do it with closed eyes in the beginning. And when this light goes on spreading and you feel an aura, a bluish aura, all around the form, then sometimes while doing it in the night with no light in a dark room, open your eyes and you will see it exactly around your body – a bluish form, just light, blue light, all around your body. If you want to see it actually, not with closed eyes but with open eyes, do it in a dark room with no light at all.

This bluish form, this bluish light, is the presence of the etheric body. You have many bodies. This technique is concerned with the etheric body, and through the etheric body you can enter into the highest ecstasy. There are seven bodies, and everybody can be used to enter into the divine; everybody is just a door.

This technique uses the etheric body, and the etheric body is the easiest to realize. The deeper the body, the more difficult; but the etheric body is just near you, just near the physical. It is just near.

The second form is of the etheric – just around you, just around your body. It penetrates your body and it is also around your body just like a hazy light, a blue light, hanging all around like a loose robe.


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