Whatsoever you do in life…. If you are a great poet, it is sex energy transformed in poetry, nothing else, because that is the only energy available to you. If you are a great painter, it is sex energy moving into colors, to the canvas. If you are a great sculptor, then it is sex energy creating beautiful pieces out of marble and stone. If you are a singer, it is sex energy becoming a song. A dancer, it is sex energy. Whatsoever you are, it is in some way or other a transformation, transmutation of sex energy – your prayer also, your meditation also.

Sex is the beginning, samadhi is the end. But the energy is the same. Samadhi is sex at its highest peak, and sex is samadhi at its lowest. Once you understand that, then you know how one has to evolve higher.

Nothing is to be rejected; everything has to be used. Every rung of the ladder, even the lowest rung of the ladder, has to be used because the ladder will not exist without it. The whole ladder is based on it. If you cut anything out of your life, you will never be whole – and you will never be holy. That part which has been denied will always remain there to be reaccepted, and that part will go on rebelling against you and fighting against you.

I have heard:

Comrade Cohen was a member of a Russian trade mission to an English industrial town.

One evening the Russians were guests at the local workingmen’s club. One of the club members was Joe Chubb, an earnest young socialist, who eventually maneuvered Comrade Cohen into a corner by himself.

“Comrade Cohen,” said young Chubb, “I understand you are a good Jew; I understand you are a man of integrity; I understand you possess considerable political acumen. Now because you have all these fine qualities, it would be of great interest to me to have your opinion of the Soviet attitude to the Arab-Israeli conflict – and why the Russians support the Egyptian fascists against the democratic Israelis.”

From Comrade Cohen, silence. Just a slight shrug.

“But, come, Comrad Cohen,” the young man persisted, “after all, you are a Jew. Despite the official attitude of your country, of your party, you must have your own view as to where justice lies – of whose cause is the right one.”

But Comrade Cohen would say nothing, not a word.

Joe Chubb leant nearer. In an almost pleading tone he urged, “But surely, Comrade Cohen, you must have an opinion.”

Comrade Cohen stirred in his chair and regarded the young man with a steady gaze, and he broke his silence. “Comrade Chubb,” he said, “I have an opinion.” He paused, “But I do not agree with it.”

Now this is the situation of most people. You know the fact but you don’t agree with it because you have been prepared not to agree with it. You know the truth as it is, but you have been conditioned to have a prejudice about it.

Just put aside all prejudices. Simply watch life. Let life reveal itself to you as if you have never been conditioned, as if you have just come from another planet to this earth. And you simply watch, with no ideology behind it – Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan. With no past, look at the present. Don’t allow the past to interfere with the present. That which is, let it reveal itself to you.

Then where is the problem? Why is sex the problem? There is nothing more lovely than it. You go on praising the flowers, but you never have thought that they are sexual efforts of the tree. They are carrying sexual germs, sexual cells. That is a trick of the tree to deceive butterflies and bees into taking their sperms to the feminine plant. You praise them, not knowing that you are praising sex energy. All flowers are so beautiful, but all are sexual energy. You praise the songs of the birds, but do you know? They are nothing but seductions. The boy bird goes on calling to the girl, tries in every way to allure her, through sound, through song. You must have seen a peacock dancing. Nothing like it – but it is nothing but a magical trick to seduce the other sex. If you look around, you will be surprised. All that is beautiful is sexual.

And your saints go on praising the flowers. They are just against the flowering of human sex. They may not have observed well what they are doing. You go with flowers, many flowers to the temple, and you put your flowers at your god’s feet, without knowing what you are doing. It is a sexual gift.

All that is beautiful – flowers, singing, dancing – is sexual. Wherever you have any experience of beauty, it is sexual. All beauty is sexual. It has to be that way.

But just in human beings, a dichotomy has been created. Drop that dichotomy. I am not going to solve your problem. I am simply saying your problem is foolish, stupid. And don’t think that you are bringing a very great spiritual problem to me. You are simply bringing a foolish thing which has nothing to do with spirituality. Drop that.

I am not saying remain satisfied with your sex. I am saying accept it. There are greater possibilities hidden in it. But the first door opens with acceptance; then another door becomes available. It is sex energy which moves into other wheels of energy, goes higher and higher and higher.

Sex can become a problem if you are stuck somewhere, but then too the problem is not sex but being stuck. Let this emphasis be absolutely clear to you. Sex is never a problem, but your being stuck somewhere is a problem. That is a totally different thing. So don’t get stuck anywhere, don’t freeze. Remain fluid and go on moving.

Intellectually you understand this, but your past interferes. Now you will have to make a great choice, a great decision: to listen to the past or to listen to your present, fresh understanding. With whom are you going to be? With your past, dull and dead, or with your fresh understanding which has happened just now to you?

There were once two friends, one of whom was very fond of playing practical jokes on the other. One evening, the joker hid behind a gravestone in a dark cemetery, knowing that his friend would be taking a shortcut through the churchyard. After a short while, he heard his friend approaching; and as he drew near, the joker let out a blood curdling shriek. The first man started and froze in his tracks.

“Is that you, John?” he said. There was no reply. “I know that is you, John,” said his friend. “I know that is you, John, but I am going to run anyway.”

If you know, then why are you going to run anyway? Live with a fresh understanding.

Live with this moment. Don’t be distracted by the past. Always be with the fresh and the new and that which is just dawning on the horizon of your consciousness; then you will grow. If you are always with the old, the withered away, you will wither away; you will never grow.

Growth is in the present; growth is of the fresh, young; growth is of the new. So every day, drop the dust that ordinarily collects on the mirror of your consciousness. Keep your mirror clean so that whatsoever comes in front of you is mirrored perfectly. And live out of that mirroring, live out of that fresh reflection.

“I was doing sadhana under the guidance of some other teacher. At that time I had no problem of sex.” You will not have it if you are being taught how to suppress it. It can be suppressed so deeply that you will start feeling as if it is not there.

“But tensions existed there in my mind.” Tensions will come up because no suppression can be without tensions. In fact the tense state of your mind is nothing but a reflection of subtle suppressions. You can relax only if you have no suppressions whatsoever. A man who has no repressions is relaxed. A man who has repressions cannot relax, because relaxation will go against his repressions. Try to understand the mechanism.

When you repress something, you have to be constantly alert, constantly repressing it.

Repressing is not something that you have done once and for all. It has to be done every moment of your life. If you don’t do it, those things that you have repressed will surface.

You have to be constantly sitting on their chest, holding them there. If you leave them even for a single moment, the enemy will be up and again there will be the same struggle and the same fight.

That’s why your saints cannot take any holiday. Impossible. How can you take a holiday, because the holiday will disturb everything? Your saint has to be constantly on guard.

That’s the tension. Constantly alert. A woman is coming: shrink your energy continuously, hold it there, let the woman pass. But they are passing continuously. Or if they are not passing, then it is something else and something else. The whole of life is sexual.

If you somehow avoid women and escape to the Himalayas, birds will be there making love to each other. What will you do? Animals will come and disturb you. The whole of life is sexual; you cannot escape anywhere. The whole ocean is of sexual energy.

And nothing wrong with it. It is, beautifully so.


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