Remember, we all don’t live in the same world. Everybody has his own world because his fantasies are different from the others. The truth is one; fantasies are as many as there are minds.

If you are in a fantasy you cannot meet the other person, you cannot communicate with the other.

He is in his fantasy. That is what is happening: when people want to relate they cannot relate.

Somehow they miss-each other. Lovers, wives, friends, husbands, miss each other, go on missing.

And they are very much worried over why they cannot communicate. They wanted to say something, but the other understood something else. And they go on saying, “I never meant this,” but the other goes on hearing something else.

What is happening? The other lives in his fantasy; you live in your own fantasy. He is projecting some other film on the same screen; you are projecting some other film on the same screen. That’s why a relationship becomes such an anxiety, anguish. One feels to be alone is to be good and happy, and whenever you move with somebody you start getting into a mire, into a hell. When Sartre says, he says through experience: “The other is hell.” But the other is not creating hell; just two fantasies clashing, just two worlds of dreams clashing.

Communication is possible only when you have dropped your fantasy world and the other has dropped his fantasy world. Then two beings face each other – and they are not two, because the twoness drops with the world of fantasy. Then they are one.

When a Buddha faces somebody who is also a Buddha, they are not two. That’s why two Buddhas have not been known to talk to each other – there are not two persons to talk. They remain quiet; they remain silent. There are stories that when Mahavir and Buddha were alive…. They were both contemporaries, and they moved, wandered, in the same small province of Bihar; it is called Bihar because of these two people: bihar means wandering. Because these two persons wandered all over the place, it became known as the province of their wandering – but they never met. Many times they were in the same town; the place is not very big. Many times they stayed in the same place, a small village. Once it happened that they stayed in the same serai, in the same dharamsala, but they never met.

Now a problem arises: Why? And if you ask Buddhists or Jains why they didn’t meet, they feel a little embarrassed. The question seems embarrassing, because that simply shows maybe they were very egoistic? Who should go to whom? Buddha to Mahavir or Mahavir to Buddha? Nobody can do that. So Jains and Buddhists avoid the question – they have never answered. But I know: the reason is there were not two persons; to meet. It is not a question of egoism. Simply, there were not two persons; to meet! Two emptinesses staying in the same serai, so what to do? How to bring them together? And even if you bring them together, they will not be two. There will be only one emptiness. When two zeros meet, it becomes one zero.

“Performing samyama in self interest brings knowledge of the purusha separated from the knowledge of others.”

Tatah pratibha sravana vedan adarsh asvada varta jayante.


Again the word pratibha has to be understood. One who attains to pure attention, to pure awareness, to pure inner clarity, innocence, attains to pratibha. Pratibha is not intuition. Intellect is sun-oriented; intuition is moon-oriented; pratibha is beyond both. Man remains an intellectual, woman intuitional, but the Buddha – purusha, one who has attained, is neither man nor woman.

If you are an intellectual you will be aggressive. Intellect is aggressive; the sun-energy is aggressive.

That’s why we have never heard of a woman raping a man. It is impossible. Only a man can rape a woman – the sun energy is aggressive. The moon-energy is receptive. Intellect is aggressive; intuition is receptive. If you are receptive you will become intuitional. You will start seeing things which the intellectual can never see because he is not open. The most strange thing is this: that the intellectual is looking for them but cannot see, and the intuitional is not looking for them but can see.

In fact all the great discoveries have been done by intellectual people – but in their intuitional moods.

The great discoveries are not done by intuitional people because they are not looking for them. Even if they come by the side, even if they face them, they forget about them. That’s why women have never discovered anything. Not that those things have never happened to them – they happen more to them than to man. Just look. Even the science of cooking is developed by men, not by women. All the great cooks are men. At least this should not be so, but all the great hotels, big hotels, famous hotels, will not allow any woman to be a cook there. They have been cooking for millennia, but all the discoveries, innovations, are made by men. Not that things don’t come their way – they come – but they are simply receptive. They come and they go, but they don’t hold them.

Intellectuals are looking constantly, looking everywhere; they are trying to uncover every nook and comer. Psychologists say that the male sex energy is the very cause of all scientific research. You give a toy to a boy: within minutes it is gone – he has opened it. He is looking inside, what is there.

You give a toy to a girl: she will protect it for years. She will keep it in the cupboard, lock it; she will decorate it. But the boy will immediately destroy it. He wants to know how it kicks; he wants to know from where the whole functioning is coming. He wants to go in deep; he wants to search.

The whole of science is, in a way, male sexuality – searching and searching, uncovering.

I will tell you one anecdote: After a rough tour of duty, the Marine regiment was sent back for a rest. At the base they found a contingent of women Marines awaiting assignments to various posts. The Marine colonel warned the women’s commander that his men had been in the lines for a long time and might not be too careful about their attitude towards the women.

“Keep them locked up,” he warned, “if you don’t want any trouble.”

“Trouble?” said the woman commander sarcastically. “There will be no trouble.” She tapped her forehead significantly. “My girls have it up there.”

“Madam,” exclaimed the colonel, “it makes no difference where they have it. My boys will find it. Keep them locked up!”

The whole of human sexuality is divided into the aggressive and the passive. That’s why a woman is stronger than man but yet has been oppressed always. She is stronger than man, remember – in many ways. She lives longer than man, an average of five years more. If a man is going to live up to seventy five, the woman is going to live up to eighty. Lives a more healthy life than man, is less ill, recovers better and sooner whenever she is ill, but still she has been oppressed. Is more resistant, more flexible, more alive, gives birth to children and still survives – goes on sharing her life giving life to others and still survives, and survives beautifully. Is more strong – may not be more muscular, but to be muscular is not the only criterion of being strong – but still she has been oppressed because she is passive, receptive. The functioning of her energy is not aggressive – more inviting and less aggressive.

Intellect happens easily to men because intellect, again, is in the same direction as aggression, argument. Women are more intuitive; they live by hunches. They suddenly jump to conclusions – that’s why it is very difficult to argue with a woman. She has already arrived at the conclusions; argument is not needed. You are simply wasting your time. She knows all the time what the end result is. She is just waiting to declare it. You go on arguing this way and that… it is all futile. She is conclusive.

Intuition is conclusive. That’s why women are more telepathic. Women are more visionary, and many intuitional things happen to them. All the great mediums are women. Hypnosis, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, all belong to the world of women. Just let me tell you one thing about the past history.

Witchcraft was a woman’s craft. That’s why it is called witchcraft. The whole world of witches was intuitional. Priests were against it; their whole world was intellectual. Remember, all the witches, almost all the witches, were women; and all the priests, almost all the priests, were men. First, priests tried to burn the witches. Thousands of women were burned in Europe in the Middle Ages because the priests could not understand the world of intuition. They could not believe it – it looked dangerous, strange. They wanted to wipe it out completely.

And they wiped it out completely. They tried to destroy one of the most beautiful instruments of receptivity, of a higher knowledge, of higher realms of being, of superior possibilities. They destroyed completely; wherever they could find a mediumistic woman, they killed her. And they created such fear that even women lost that capacity, just because of the fear.

Now again the same continues to be the case. Psychoanalysts are against witchcraft – they are all men. Now the psychoanalysts have taken the place of the priests – they are all men. Freudians, Adlerians, they are all men. Now they are against the woman. And do you know? All their patients are more or less women. This is something. And when the witches existed, all their patients were more or less men. I am surprised, but it looks as it should be. When the witches existed their patients were all men: the intellect seeking the help of intuition, the man seeking the help of the woman. Now just the reverse has happened. All the psychoanalysts are men and all their patients are women. Now intuition has been so crippled and killed that it has to seek the help of intellect.

The higher is seeking the help of the lower. It is a very miserable state of affairs. It should not be so.

The whole history of science proves this in many ways. When intuition was used as the method, then alchemy existed. When intellect came into power, alchemy disappeared; chemistry was born.

Alchemy is intuitional; chemistry is intellectual. Alchemy was the moon; chemistry is the sun. When the moon was predominant, intuition was predominant; there was astrology. Now there is astronomy. Astrology has disappeared. Astrology is the moon; astronomy is the sun. And the world has become very poor because of that.


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