VBT – Meditation 95.4

Passages Of Energy

Question related to this technique:


Because they are different. They are as different as possible. They are polar opposites. Really, the more relevant question would be this: Why should there be similar techniques?

There are techniques which are being used by both men and women, not because they are suited to women, but really because special techniques were never developed for them. They have been a neglected part of humanity. All the techniques were developed by men. Basically man was experimenting with himself: he knew about his energy pattern, his routes of energy, his passages of energy. He worked on these. And then he was talking to other men – so techniques were developed by men for men. Women were never considered.

Women cannot enter a Mohammedan mosque. They are not to be a part of Islam really: the mosque exists only for men. For many years Buddha insistently denied women initiation. Mahavir initiated many women, he never denied them initiation, but no techniques were developed for them. All the techniques were for men. Women worked through them. That’s why the results were never so miraculous, never; they were always so-so, bound to be. Really, there is no need for three hundred religions in the world, there is only need for two religions: one for men and one for women. And those two religions need not be in conflict, they can be married together. They will become one.

There is no need for any conflict. If a man and a woman can fall in love and live together as a single unit, those two religions can fall in love – they should.

The whole physiology, the whole psychology, every layer of the feminine consciousness is different from man’s – not only different, just the opposite. For example, kundalini yoga… it is not for women at all. But many will be shocked if I say that. And women particularly will be shocked. They will think that something has been taken out of their hands. It is not for them at all because kundalini is based on the positive sex center for man. The positive sex center is at the root of the penis – for men not for women. For women that center is negative, and energy cannot be raised from a negative center. So almost always it is the case – this is my observation – that whenever women say they are feeling kundalini arising in the, they are imagining. It cannot happen but they are very imaginary, more imaginary than men. So if I work with ten women and ten men, nine women will feel the energy arising and only one man will feel the energy arising. This is miraculous because it cannot happen! They go on coming to me and I say, “Okay, it is happening.” What to do? It is impossible, scientifically impossible, because energy can come only from a positive pole.

Totally different techniques should be developed, totally different techniques – but because man and woman live so near, so close together, they go on forgetting that they are different. Nothing is similar, and it is good that nothing is similar, because that’s why they can become one circle of energy. They are complementary, they fit into each other. But because they fit that doesn’t mean that they are similar – they fit because they are not similar.


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