In this session you have explained:

  1. What is Asmita? To believe that Soul and Surrounding/Prakriti is one is called Asmita.
  2. We get deeply identified with surroundings/prakriti. Because of this identification it becomes difficult to discriminate that Soul and Surrounding are different but having organic unity with each other.
  3. What is the function of identity, Asmita?
  4. To live in the world we need identity as form, word and quality. But to believe that we are identity missguided us and creates a world around us. Which is either from our superiority complex or inferiority complex. World is not an illusion but our perception of the world is maya, illusion.
  5. Stronger our perception, the more we live temporarily. This will create a silver screen to see permanence. Avidya is to live a temporary life, a miserable life. As your perception goes deep it creates an identity, Asmita. From Asmita our Individual self, psychological self, social image etc will take birth. Which is the cause of our Raga, Dvesha and Abhinivesha.
  6. With this perception our discriminated consciousness becomes clouded.
  7. With the practise of Yoga we can clear clouds from our discriminated consciousness and transcend our Asmita, identity to Individuality.
  8. Individuality gives you mastery; it makes you very authentic, grounded, rooted. It gives you substance; you are no longer dreaming stuff. Individuality clarity for one’s own direction. With a discriminate mind one knows not to reject the world but transcend.
  9. By going beyond consciousness, body, feelings, perception and mental formation, which is our individuality connected with the soul, permanence. We don’t resist or reject our form, word and quality of impermanence but realise our organic unity with permanence.
  10. When we transcend our Asmita we realise our organic unity of gross, subtle and fine subtleness.
  11. This transcendence can happen with Master, spiritual scripture, satsang and meditation.

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