Synergising Ayurveda with Biochemistry


Welcome to the Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan podcast series, hosted by Dhwani Shah. This enlightening series, brought to you by the Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre in collaboration with the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems at NIT Calicut, delves into the depth of traditional Indian sciences and their practical applications in our contemporary lives.

In today’s episode, under the banner “Synergising Ayurveda with Biochemistry,” we’re honoured to host Dr. Rishi Mahajan, a venerated figure in the arena of holistic health. Celebrated for his innovative approach in merging the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda with the methodical advancements of biochemistry, Dr. Mahajan stands at the forefront of integrative health solutions. With a legacy spanning over 16 years, his dedicated practice has had one aim: to merge traditional insights and scientific validation in a way that revolutionises global wellness.

Prepare to dive deep into the realms where ancient practices and modern biochemistry intertwine, as Dr. Mahajan guides us through the dynamic interplay of these powerful healing systems. This episode promises to be a riveting exposé of knowledge, shaping a new paradigm for health and healing. So, tune in, as we take a transformative dive into the heart of Ayurvedic principles enriched by biochemical precision.

Topic Covered:

  1. Dr. Mahajan, considering your extensive background, what inspired the bridge between Ayurveda and biochemistry in your work?
  2. Could you share with our listeners a specific health innovation that has resulted from combining Ayurvedic principles with biochemical research?
  3. How does your role as a soft skill trainer and life coach complement your efforts in synergizing Ayurveda with biochemistry?
  4. What potential do you see in Ayurveda’s botanical remedies when they are studied through the rigorous lens of modern biochemistry?
  5. Ayurveda emphasises the individuality of treatment. How does modern biochemistry support this personalised approach to health and wellness?
  6. How do modern biochemical tools and techniques enable a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic practices? Can you provide an example from your research or practice?
  7. From your viewpoint, how can the synergy between Ayurveda and biochemistry contribute to the prevention and management of chronic diseases?
  8. Could you explain the role of gut health in Ayurveda and how biochemistry helps validate and advance gut-related Ayurvedic therapies?
  9. Nutrition is crucial in Ayurveda. How do biochemical insights enhance the nutritional guidelines provided by Ayurvedic teachings?
  10. From your contributions to the Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre, what key message do you aim to convey about the intersection of Ayurveda and modern biochemistry?
  11. What do you foresee as the biggest challenge in making Ayurvedic practices more scientifically validated and accepted in the western world?
  12. What advice do you have for integrative health practitioners seeking to incorporate Ayurvedic wisdom within a biochemistry framework into their practices?
  13. Finally, with your extensive knowledge and experience, what is the next big step for holistic health innovations that you’re aiming for?

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