The Wonder that is Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan


Welcome to the “Bhartiya Paramparik Gyan” podcast series with your host Dhwani Shah, brought to you by the Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre and Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, NIT Calicut. Today, we explore “The Wonder that is Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan” with the illustrious Dr. Debi Prasad Mishra.

Dr. Mishra, a celebrated professor at IIT Kanpur and Director of NITTTR Kolkata, stands at the forefront of merging age-old Indian wisdom with modern scientific endeavours. His prowess in aerospace engineering, coupled with a fervent admiration for India’s academic heritage, includes revolutionary work in propulsion and computational fluid dynamics. With a rich portfolio of scholarly articles, patents, and revered MOOCs, his notable course on “Introduction to Ancient Indian Technology” remains a cornerstone of his contributions.

Transcending academia, Dr. Mishra kindles passion for India’s scientific legacy, instilling a renewed appreciation for our ancestral intellect. His enthralling discourses, which interlace science, technology, and spirituality, captivate the nation’s youth, accentuating (ac-cen-tu-ating) his stature as an influential proponent of India’s intellectual saga.
In today’s session with Dr. Mishra, we’re set to navigate the multidimensional wisdom of “The Wonder that is Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan.” We’re grateful for the chance to delve into this profound subject, enriched by Dr. Mishra’s unparalleled insights.

Topic Covered:

  1. Could you start by defining ‘Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan’ for our listeners and perhaps share how it has influenced modern scientific thought?
  2. As an expert in traditional Indian sciences, how do you see the role of ancient Indian knowledge systems in contemporary education and research?
  3. What are some of the misconceptions about ‘Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan’ that you often encounter, and how do you address them?
  4. Can you highlight the significance of Sanskrit and its literary wealth in preserving and conveying Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan?
  5. In the context of sustainability, how can the principles of ‘Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan’ contribute to modern ecological and environmental solutions?

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