The Power of Resilience & Adaptability: Lessons from the Pandavas in the Mahabharata


Hello and a heartfelt welcome to all our listeners joining us for today’s enlightening episode of “Exploring Mahabharata’s Teachings with Debasis.” I’m your host, Dhwani, thrilled to navigate you through age-old wisdom for modern times.

Brought to you by the Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre, this podcast series aims to bridge the gap between ancient Indian epics and contemporary leadership principles. Today, we are privileged to have Mr. Debasis Satapathy, the Chief General Manager – HR at NBCC (India) Limited, and a luminary in integrating timeless wisdom into today’s business world.

Our focus, “The Power of Resilience & Adaptability: Lessons from the Pandavas in the Mahabharata,” echoes through Mr. Satapathy’s profound insights. His transformative discourse has enlightened over 5,000 executives, drawing parallels between Mahabharata’s lore and corporate strategies. A distinguished visiting professor at premier IIMs, IITs, and business schools, Mr. Satapathy’s sessions are a confluence of scriptural profundity and modern-day pragmatism.

His relentless pursuit to promulgate the Mahabharata’s relevance in management education has been recognised with numerous laurels, evidencing the impact of his scholarly endeavours. Currently advancing his research as a Ph.D. scholar at XLRI, Mr. Satapathy’s scholarly inquiry into the epic’s teachings continues to enrich the academic and corporate spheres alike.

So, let’s welcome Mr. Satapathy and unearth the resilient and adaptable traits of the Pandavas that can transform our professional journeys.

The Power of Resilience & Adaptability

Topic Covered:

  • Leadership with Resilience & Perseverance
  • Leadership through Inspiration & Motivation
  • Strategic Wisdom, Drona’s Management Mastery
  • Plight of Draupadi & Her Human Rights
  • Professional Commitment

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