We are honoured to welcome Mr. Debasis Satapathy, the acclaimed Chief General Manager – HR of NBCC, Government of India, based in New Delhi, as our esteemed guest speaker today. With a visionary blend of ancient lore and modern governance, Mr. Satapathy has made a tremendous impact by seamlessly integrating the strategic insights from the Mahabharata into contemporary business management. His innovative interpretations have enlightened over 5,000 executives across multiple corporate companies.

As a PhD. scholar from XLRI and a veteran in management education, Mr. Satapathy is revered for his exceptional ability to draw parallels between the narratives of ancient scriptures and the core strategies of business management. His contributions as a visiting faculty member have graced the campuses of various IIMs, IITs, and other top-tier B schools, as well as numerous prestigious corporations. For his efforts in making the Mahabharata a vibrant part of management discourse in India, he has been lauded and awarded multiple times.

In this episode of “Exploring Mahabharata’s Teachings with Debasis,” Mr. Satapathy invites us to probe deeper into “Strategic Planning and Goal Setting: The Bhagavad Gita’s Relevance to Business Strategy.” His dedication to the study of the Gita has produced strategies that resonate profoundly with contemporary leaders, offering clarity in objectives, decisiveness in action, and alignment of purpose.

Mr. Satapathy interprets the dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna as a valuable resource for definitive leadership and operational tactics. In today’s discussion, expect to unveil a unique synthesis of ancient wisdom and business acumen, a hallmark of Mr. Satapathy’s insightful presentations. Let’s engage with his pioneering perspectives on strategy, which promise to guide leaders through the labyrinth of the corporate world with the timeless illumination of the Bhagavad Gita. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Debasis Satapathy to this transformative session.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Topic Covered:

  • KRA with business alignment
  • Sakuni – Strategic Thinking
  • Krishna Eliminating Bhishma – Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Takeover
  • Duryodhana – Strategic Thinking – Part 2

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