Dear listener, welcome to another enlightening episode of the podcast series “Exploring Mahabharata’s Teachings with Debasis,” brought to you by Dwarkadhish Holistic Center. I’m your host, Dhwani Shah, and today we have a distinguished guest speaker Mr. Debasis Satapathy.

Joining us in this episode is Mr. Debasis Satapathy, a renowned expert in leadership and personal development, with a particular focus on the Mahabharata. With his deep understanding of this ancient epic and driven by his own personal interest and extensive research, Mr. Debasis Satapathy has dedicated himself to sharing the transformative lessons found within the Mahabharata. Through his passion and commitment, he has empowered individuals to lead with wisdom, compassion, and courage.

Today, our episode’s topic is “Transformational Leadership: Arjuna’s & Krishna’s Leadership Journey in the Mahabharata.” Drawing upon the iconic characters of Arjuna and Krishna, Mr. Satapathy will take us on a profound exploration of their leadership styles, strategies, and their transformative abilities. By examining the examples set by these legendary figures, we will uncover invaluable insights into what it means to be a transformational leader and how we can apply these teachings in our own lives.

Get ready to be inspired and enlightened as Mr. Satapathy shares his deep wisdom and perspectives on leadership, drawing from the timeless epic of Mahabharata. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and leadership transformation.

Welcome, Mr. Debasis Satapathy! We are honored to have you join us today at Dwarkadhish Holistic Center as our esteemed guest in this thought-provoking discussion on transformational leadership in the Mahabharata.

Transformational Leadership

Topic Covered:

  • A Leader Builds the Team:
  • Leadership through Inspiration & Motivation:
  • Coaching and Mentoring:
  • Strategic Thinking – Krishan Eliminated Bhishma:
  • Micro Management Leader:

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