Chitta and Nirodhah:

  1. Tam, Raj, and Sat: These three gunas are Tam, Raj, and Sat. The awareness and conscious manipulation of the three gunas are a powerful way to reduce stress, increase inner peace and lead one towards enlightenment.
    • Transcending Tam inertia, fear and confusion will transcend from self-identity to self-knowledge.
    • Transcending Raj will transcend from self-knowledge to self-awareness.
    • By transcending Sat attribute we transcend self-awareness to self-realisation.
  2. Change The Focus: If we bring our focus on facts and reality we will understand that we are playing our role. Immediately we will be creating distance from the circumstances, people and from our role/identity.
    • Our fluctuating mind is a combination of Mann, buddhi, chitta and ahamkara. Which will distract us from facts and reality. We become unconscious of ourselves and start reacting instead of responding.
    • Change Your Focus to the Gaps – if you can consider that a desire has arisen and a desire has gone and you have remained in the gap and the desire has not disturbed you…
  3. Chitta and Nirodhah: Chitta means mind, nirodha means cessation – cessation of the mind. The most famous sutra of Patanjali is ‘Chitta vritti nirodha yoga’
    • The mind can be in two states; one is the state full of waves, turmoil, thoughts… just as the lake is full of waves. The other state is: the lake is utterly silent, no waves; the lake is a mirror, serene, calm, quiet.
    • The unmoving mind is the ultimate ecstasy. It is a state of absolute awareness but there is no object to the awareness. Awareness is there but not of something; it is non-objective awareness.

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