Ishwara Pranidhanatwa:

  1. Human Beings: When a soul has reached to the peak of all the survival evolution it takes birth as human beings. Who is born with the capacity to turn inside. To become self-realised from self-identified.
    • To become self-realised we need to pass through all the four steps with self-awareness to which we are identified. They are misery, action, the results of actions, and desires.
    • Human beings are like seeds of Ishwara’s vast potential, carrying within them the innate ability to sprout into divine realisation.
    • In the act of pure observation – free from the chatter of the mind – one becomes the knower, intimately involved with the fabric of existence.
  2. Incarnation: When Supreme Consciousness takes birth we call them incarnation. They take birth to give us insight that now you can climb up from the same ladder from where we have come down.
    • Incarnations serve as a mirror, reflecting the divine possibility within each being, guiding the shift from theoretical knowledge to the heart’s intuitive knowing.
    • Observing their lives, not just through reading but through heartfelt contemplation, transforms scholarly information into a lived, palpable wisdom.
    • Allow the stories of incarnations to resonate not as distant myths but as currents of truth running through the veins of your own life.
  3. Ishwara Pranidhanatwa: A Purusa person with special attributes – master of the body, untouched by misery, action, the results of actions, and desires.
    • Approaching Ishwara is moving from knowing about to knowing through a deeply personal relationship with the divine within the heart.
    • It is in the quiet surrender to Ishwara that the noisy clutter of accumulated knowledge fades into the background, allowing for the emergence of true knowing.
    • Knowing Ishwara is experiential, not conceptual; it blossoms within when one lets go of the mind’s grasp and enters the sanctuary of silent reverence.

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