What is the meaning of word “ॐ/OM/AUM”, Is it related to Amen, Ameen. Know more about the cosmic sound – Anhat Naad !
To experience and listen this divine sound attend Oshodhara’s Dhyan Samadhi program. MOre info at – oshodhara.org.in

Q&A by Osho Shailendra Ji on various questions asked by seekers !
Ask Master your questions – http://wp.me/s6ikBU-feedback

OshoDhara is a live mystery school under the guidance of Trinity of masters – Sadguru Trivir, following the vision of Great Master OSHO. Relive and transform your life through old and new meditation techniques. Experience different dimensions of divinity and live blissfully from meditation to Samadhi through specifically designed Samadhi programs. For more info check our website & Social Media:

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