No One Is Insignificant

And don’t be worried that you are helpless to do anything. The idea of helplessness has arisen because you have never been told what your resources are. You have never looked into your resources – your love, your silence, your peace, your compassion, your joy. You have never looked into all this inexhaustible potentiality of your being. And if thousands of people blossom in love, music and dance, and the whole earth becomes a celebration, then any Ronald Reagan is not going to destroy this world. He will feel helpless; he will feel guilty to destroy such beautiful people and such a beautiful planet.

You ask me, “The only thing I can see to do is to be here with you as much as possible, nourishing my consciousness and supporting your vision. Is there anything more that can be done?”

It is enough. More is not needed; more will keep you unnecessarily worried. And worry is like a rocking-chair – it keeps you going but gets you nowhere! There is no need to worry and there is no need to feel desperate, helpless. A few idiots have prepared death for the planet; there are millions of intelligent people who can prevent it just by their love, by their joy, by their beauty, by their ecstasy. These are far more powerful experiences, because atomic energy, or nuclear energy, is part of the material world. It is the explosion of the atom, the lowest, smallest particle of matter.

We have not understood yet that nature has an absolute balance. If a small atom exploding can destroy.. Have you ever thought about a living atom of your being and its explosion? In other words, we have been calling it enlightenment. It is nothing but an explosion of your being into light. And then suddenly you have a far higher and superior power. It need not fight with the lower, its very presence will make the lower impotent.

It has not been tried on a vast scale, only once in a while. But those rare instances are certainly a proof that if tried, every human being can become an explosion of consciousness – which is a far superior energy – and make all these nuclear weapons and the people who hold them utterly impotent and guilty.

A few instances will help you. They look non-factual because they are rare, because not many people have tried them.

One follower of Gautam Buddha, Devadutta – his own cousin-brother – was naturally jealous of the immense glory and impressiveness, and the impact of Gautam Buddha on people. Whoever came to him never returned the same. Something changed in his very being. Buddha had sown a seed; the man would return at the right time, when the first clouds started raining.

But this was invisible to the blind Devadutta – not physically blind, but spiritually blind. He could not understand what the matter was. He was as beautiful as Gautam Buddha – his own cousin-brother – as educated, as cultured in the arts of those days. There was no question that Gautam Buddha was superior and he was not, because he could not see the superior aroma that surrounded Gautam Buddha.

Finally he asked him, “I would like to be declared your successor.”

Buddha said, “Whoever is capable of succeeding me will succeed me, I am not going to declare him. And anyway I am still alive, just in the middle of my life. And this is not my way to choose! Who am I to choose a successor? Existence itself will choose.”

Excerpted From Hari Om Tat Sat: The Divine Sound – That Is the Truth CH: 8



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