Verse and Worse An Introspection of ills prevailing in our system
O ! Our Artful Masters !!
Please stop the antics of populism
And work out something of humanism;
Pure and simple and bright,
Without any twist of left or right
Your Social Justice is injustice and casteism,
Democracy is demon’cracy and delusion,
Secularism is vote-banking and rank communalism,
Results are scams and corruption.
You wangle elections and nominations
With names in currency of deceptions;
Your rallies are eyewash with promises,
To free society from poverty and crimes.
Sermons shower on the sincere
Who stand silently to sacrifice and suffer;
Now, be wary the artful masters,
The sleeping giant is awakening;
The turnarounds are close at hand,
The sounds of trumpets may herald the land
Soon it may challenge the stature,
When justices are put to reckoning.


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