Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.

John Lennon

I Know I Am King

I have heard that a king expelled his son from his kingdom. He was angry with his son, a spoiled son, and so in a moment of rage he threw him out. The son did not have any skills or vocation. What can a king’s son know? He was not even educated, so he could do nothing to make a decent living.

How ever he had, by way of a hobby, learned a little singing and dancing in his childhood. So he took to singing and dancing on the streets of a town belonging to a hot and arid neighboring country where he found refuge.

For ten years the king’s son lived the life of a homeless beggar in tattered and dirty clothes. So he completely forgot that he was ever a prince. And curiously enough, in these ten years, he was increasingly maturing towards kingship, since he was the only son of a king who was growing older and older. But, at present, he was a faceless person moving from door to door with a begging bowl in his hands.

When the king became very old he grew worried about the future of his throne. Who was going to succeed him and manage his kingdom after his death? So he asked his prime minister to search for his only son, whom he had expelled years ago, and bring him back so he could take over the reins of his kingdom from him. Even if he was stupid he had to be recalled, the king thought. There was no other alternative.

The prime minister went out in search of his king’s son. After a great deal of inquiry and effort he reached the town where his future master was living as a nobody. His chariot halted in front of a hotel, where he found him under a scorching midday sun, a young man begging a little money from the hotel manager to buy himself a pair of sandals. He was pointing to his bare and bleeding feet, lacerated with wounds. The prime minister stepped down from the chariot and approached the young beggar. He took no time to recognize him – he was the king’s son – although he was in rags, his body emaciated, his face shriveled and sunburned. He bowed to him and said, “The king has pardoned you and asks you to return to your kingdom.”

In a second, a split-second, the young man’s face was transformed and he threw away his beggar’s bowl. In no time at all he ceased to be a beggar and became a king. And he told the prime minister, “Go to the market and bring me a pair of good shoes and good clothes, and in the meantime make arrangements for my bath.” And with the stride of a prince he walked to the chariot and stepped aboard.

In and around the hotel, everybody, who a little while ago had given him alms or denied them, came rushing, crowding around his chariot. And they found he was a different man altogether, he was not even looking at them now. They asked him, “How is it you forget us in a moment?” The prince said, “I remembered you as long as I had forgotten who I was. Just now I have remembered who I am, so forget I am a beggar. ” When the crowd reminded him of what he had been only a moment ago, he said, “Now I remember. Now I know I am a king. I have always been a king.”

The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.


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