Once, a cat saw a smart young boy. The cat fell in love with him. She wished that she could marry him. But how could a cat marry a boy. So she reached to God, “Please do something to help me marry that boy.”

Immediately God turned the cat into a beautiful girl. The boy saw the girl and fell in love with her. He proposed to her and soon they got married.

After all the ceremonies were over, the boy and the girl were alone in their bed chamber. The God decided to test whether the cat which he had turned into a girl has changed her habits or not. So he let a mouse loose in the bed chamber. Soon the girl smelt the mouse and saw it too. She immediately got up and chased the mouse till she caught it.

God was sad at this event. He turned the girl back into a cat and thought, “How could I forget that changing one’s body or clothes do not necessarily bring a change in his habits or characters. People stay the way they are.”.


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