Inner Science – In Gita Verse 4.1 The Personality of Godhead, Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, said: I instructed this imperishable science of yoga to the sun-god, Vivasvān, and Vivasvān instructed it to Manu, the father of mankind, and Manu in turn instructed it to Ikṣvāku.

Krishna is saying that this is not the first time I am sharing with you Arjuna, the sciences of inner, I have shared this knowledge before also to the sun-god, Vivasvān, and Vivasvān instructed it to Manu, the father of mankind, and Manu in turn instructed it to Ikṣvāku.

They also have shared with others by knowing and creating their own experience. They took this knowledge but without practicing on them, without creating their own experience they have not shared with anyone.

If you will take this knowledge and fight this war without enmity, it will become your own knowing and not knowledge, and you will be able to share your experience of Fighting Without Enmity to future humanity. They will also learn how we need to take any information and knowledge from others. When Krishna says the science of yoga means that you don’t reject any knowledge but never try to share with others without you having experiments with yourself. You are your own laboratory for your inner science. Without experiencing that if you will share with others it will be egoistic. You will like to use those words to others to control others by your knowledge.

Never reject your body but use the knowledge to act through your body, then wait and listen to your body guidance, like scientists never repeat that action again, always find out how you can act innovatively. If you repeat your action it will be from knowledge and not from your knowing.

Try this experiment – when Krishna tells Arjuna to fight without enmity, don’t take it as words, but try to act without anger. Just remember that in your actions there is no anger. And you will be surprised that every time when anger comes with your reminder to yourself, – I will act without anger – you will find that all the time your action and response in those circumstances will be different.

This is the message of the universe, the message of Krishna, Christ, Osho, Buddha. Use your body but respond through your own self-remembering.

In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.4, I wrote in detail regarding self-remembering.

Self-remembering is a first step to transcend your knowledge to knowing. Wait and look inside if you know that some intangible guidance through your body – means you have directed your senses from the second door – from inner – then take any action. This will give you freshness, a relaxed experience, and silence. This is a sign of your action from knowing and not from the knowledge.

One of the simplest ways is to be total in your action to transcend from knowledge to knowing.

The miracle is that when one can go into one’s emotions a hundred percent, all that is wrong starts disappearing. That is a miracle. And all that is right starts growing. A really total person will not be able to be angry. In the beginning when you start you will be more and more angry, but soon the point comes when you are totally angry and see the naked futility of anger, the utter absurdity of anger, the insanity of anger. When you have seen it – not because Buddha has said so or I have said so – it will drop. Seeing is enough. You need not drop it, it drops of its own accord.

A total person will be able to love and unable to hate. A total person will be able to be compassionate and will be unable to be angry. That is the end. I am not telling you to be a buddha right now. But one has to begin somewhere. One has to start moving in the direction of being a buddha.

You will miss the point if you try to follow the words, go in totality. With that you may like to become perfectionist. No – I am not teaching you any kind of perfectionism, I am not giving you any ideals. Totality is certainly not an ideal; it sounds as if it is. It is just a different style of life. Right now you are living a lifestyle which can be called partial – only parts of your being are allowed to surface, only the tip of the iceberg. You are living in fragments, you are living split. This is a kind of schizophrenic life.

Misery is bound to be the outcome of it – misery and only misery. Bliss is the consequence of being one, integrated. That’s exactly the meaning of the word yoga: union, integration, oneness.

Krishna tells Arjuna to be total and experience all his senses from inside, so that he can act from the knowing and not from the knowledge.


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