Purification – In Gita Verse 5.11 The yogīs, abandoning attachment, act with body, mind, intelligence and even with the senses, only for the purpose of purification.

Krishna says that the yogi also has a body and more knowledge and information than us. Then what’s the difference between us and yogi? Yogi uses the knowledge to transcend into wisdom and we use the knowledge to act. They use the body, they use everything from the objective world but the whole intention is to transcend it to grow in consciousness.

Let us understand how our yogi used their sex energy. All our rishis were having family life. They use their sex energy to become aware to uplift the inner energy against gravitational force to grow in consciousness.

BODY CAN BECOME A VEHICLE TO THAT WHICH IS BEYOND BODY, and sex energy can become a spiritual force. And remember, when you ask, “What are the reasons that the body is given so much importance in tantra?” – Why do you ask? Why?

YOU ARE BORN AS A BODY; you live as a body; you become ill as a body; you are treated, given medicine, helped, made whole and healthy, as a body. You become young as a body, you will become old as a body, you will die as a body. YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS BODY-CENTERED – centered around the body. You will love someone, you will make love to someone, and you will create other bodies; you will reproduce other bodies. What have you been doing your whole life?

Preserving yourself. What are you preserving by food, by water, by shelter? The body is preserved. What are you doing by reproducing children?

The body is being reproduced. THE WHOLE LIFE, NINETY-NINE POINT NINE PERCENT, IS BODY-ORIENTED. You can go beyond – but that journey has to be through the body, by the body, and you have to use the body. But why do you ask?


Those traditions which are not against the sex can only be friendly toward the body.

Tantra is absolutely friendly, AND TANTRA SAYS THAT THE BODY IS SACRED, HOLY.

FOR TANTRA, TO CONDEMN THE BODY IS SACRILEGE. To say that the body is impure or to say the body is sin, for tantra is nonsense – AND A VERY POISONOUS TEACHING.

Tantra accepts the body – not only accepts, but says the body is holy, pure, innocent; you can use it, and you can make it a vehicle, a medium, to go beyond it! And it helps even going beyond.

BUT IF YOU START FIGHTING WITH IT, YOU ARE LOST. If you start fighting with it, you will become more and more diseased. And if you go on fighting with it, you will miss an opportunity. Fighting is negative, TANTRA IS POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION. Don’t fight with it – there is no need! It is as if you are sitting in a car, you start fighting with the car. So you cannot move because you are fighting with the vehicle – which has to be used, not fought. And you will destroy the vehicle by your fight, and then it will be more and more difficult to move.

Krishna says that Yogi never fights but they accept and in the acceptance they sacrifice their ego. This is purification. Our knowledge gives us a lot of interpretation and judgements. We are stuck over there. So we are not able to purify ourselves from interpretation and judgements. These are the food, survival for ego. To sacrifice our ego we need to use our wisdom so we don’t act from judgements. This is purification. Alertness.


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