Types And Usage

There are many different kinds of spoons, each one studied and specially designed for different kinds of food. Few of them are as follows, please share more types and usage of Spoon.

1. TABLE SPOON: Table Spoons are what we use every day for our main dishes. They can be used for minestrone, soups and rice dishes. The cup of these spoons are designed for picking up just the right amount of food.
2. FRUIT SPOON: Fruit Spoons are smaller than Table Spoons and are designed, together with Fruit Knives and Fruit Forks, for use with fruit dishes and appetizers.
3. MOKA SPOON (OR MOKA TEASPOON): Moka Spoons or Moka Teaspoons, whichever name you prefer, is a small spoon designed for stirring Italian-style “Espresso” coffee prepared with a Moka machine, the Neapolitan coffee maker or coffee-shop machine. Its small size serves for small coffee cups and glasses.
4. TEA OR COFFEE SPOON (OR TEA OR COFFEE TEASPOON): The Spoons for Coffee or Tea (or Teaspoon) are small-sized spoons. This type of spoon is larger than the Moka Spoon and is designed for stirring tea, American-style or European-style coffee, cappuccinos, herb tea, ginseng coffee and any other drink served in larger-sized coffee cups.
5. CAPPUCCINO SPOON (OR BABY TEASPOON): Baby Spoons (or Baby Teaspoons) are small-sized spoons. This type of spoon is larger than the Moka Spoon and the Tea or Coffee Spoon, and is designed for use at breakfast time, for yogurt or any other drinks or foods that require a slightly larger spoon cup.
6. ICE-CREAM SPOON: Ice-cream Spoons have a wide-cup that is typically square in shape for picking up just the right amount of ice cream from the bowl.
7. LONG DRINK SPOON: Drink Spoons are characterized by a very long handle. These spoons are designed for stirring long drinks, cocktails and any drink served in a tall glass. The tapered shape of the spoon allows it to reach the bottom of any glass.
8. YOGHURT SPOON: Yogurt Spoons feature a wide cup designed for holding a large amount of the product.
9. CHEESE SPOON: Cheese Spoons are designed for grated cheese. These spoons go together with cheese graters. The cup of these spoons are finely decorated.
10. SUGAR SPOON: Sugar Spoons have a long, narrow cup with slightly raised edges. This special cup helps for pouring the sugar into small-sized cups without spilling it.
11. SALAD SPOON: Salad Spoons together with Salad Forks have an elongated shape that helps with mixing salad or vegetables while dressing them and makes it easier to serve.
12. CREAM SPOON: Cream Spoon The Cream Spoon has a rounded cup that is perfect for serving sauces or cream onto other food.
13. OLIVE SPOON: Olive Spoon The Olive Spoon is used to serve olives and other appetizers preserved in liquids. The spoon’s cup has holes for the liquid to drain through, making it easier to serve the food.
14. RICE SPOON: Rice Spoon The Rice Spoon, or Rice Server, is a large spoon designed for serving rice dishes and other side dishes at the table. The cup of this spoon is very large and can hold a larger amount of food.
15. SERVING SPOON: Serving Spoon: The Serving Spoon goes together with the Serving Fork. The Serving Spoon is bigger than the Tablespoon and is designed for serving different side dishes. The large cup allows it to hold a larger amount of food.


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