Types And Usage

People all over the world ring in the New Year with bells. You hear the bells ringing when it’s Christmas. Bells are rung at the time of aarti in the temples. Bells are rung on many different occasions.

Different types of common bells:
Church Bell:
Church bells are often used during religious events and referred to as a Carillon.
The Cowbell comes in a large range of sizes however the commonly range between 4.5 and 9.5 inches depending on what tone you are after. They were originally used around the neck of a cow so that they are easy to locate.  Hand Bell:
The Hand Bell has a lot of different versions, most traditionally the metal cup with a leather handle. You play them by moving your wrists and making the clipper inside strike the bell to generate a sound.
Chime Bell:
Chime bells are a percussion instrument that is either struck by beaters or creating a chime effect by them clashing together.
Sleigh Bell:
Sleigh Bells or also Jingle Bells are a piece of metal bent into a circle shape with a small ball used to create the tone inside. They are associated with Christmas and usually grouped together with around 25 bells on a wooden stick played by shaking it in rhythm.


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