Crystallisation – In Gita Verse 6.30 For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me, I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me.

Krishna says that when you crystallise in yourself you will be never lost. When the person is crystallised in oneself he will become one with the universe. Then the question of losing each other never arises.

The Discipline of Yoga Means Yoga Wants to Create a Crystallised Centre in You: The discipline of Yoga means Yoga wants to create a crystallised centre in you. As you are, you are a crowd and a crowd has many phenomena. One is that you cannot believe a crowd. Gurdjieff used to say that man cannot promise: who will promise? You are not there. If you promise, who will fulfil the promise? Next morning the one who promised was not there.

Gurdjieff used to say, “This is the chief characteristic of man – that he cannot promise.” You cannot fulfil a promise. You go on giving promises, and you know well that you cannot fulfil them because you are not one; you are a disorder, a chaos. Hence Patanjali says: Now the discipline of Yoga. If your life has become an absolute misery, if you have realised that whatsoever you do creates hell, then the moment has come. This moment can change your dimension, your direction of being.

Up until now you have lived as chaos, a crowd. Yoga means now you will have to be in harmony, you will have to become one. A crystallisation is needed; a centering is needed. And unless you attain a centre all that you do is useless; it is wasting life and time. A centre is the first necessity, and only a person who has a centre can be blissful. Everybody asks for it, but you cannot ask for it, you have to earn it! Everybody hankers for a blissful state of being, but only a centre can be blissful, a crowd cannot be blissful. A crowd has no self, there is no atman. Who is going to be blissful?

Bliss means absolute silence, and silence is possible only when there is harmony, when all the discordant fragments have become one, when there is no crowd, only one. When you are alone in the house and nobody else is there, you will be blissful. Right now everybody else is in your house, you are not there. Only the guests are there, the host is always absent, and only the host can be blissful.

This centering Patanjali calls discipline, anushasanam. The word discipline is beautiful. It comes from the same root as the word disciple. Discipline means the capacity to learn, the capacity to know. But you cannot know, you cannot learn unless you have attained the capacity to be.

Now the discipline of Yoga. Discipline means the capacity to be, the capacity to know, the capacity to learn. We must understand these three things.

The capacity to be… All the Yoga postures are not really concerned with the body, they are concerned with the capacity to be. Patanjali says if you can sit silently without moving your body for a few hours, you are growing in the capacity to be. Why do you move? You cannot sit without moving even for a few seconds: your body starts moving, somewhere you feel itching, the legs go dead, many things start happening – these are just excuses for you to move.

You are not a master. You cannot say to the body, “Now I will not move for one hour.” The body will revolt immediately! Immediately it will force you to move, to do something. And it will give reasons: “You have to move because an insect is biting.” You may not find the insect when you look. You are not a being, you are a trembling, a continuous hectic activity. Patanjali’s asanas, postures, are not really concerned with any kind of physiological training but with an inner training of being: just to be, without doing anything, without any movement, without any activity. Just remain – that remaining will help centering.

If you can remain in one posture the body will become a slave; it will follow you. And the more the body follows you the more you will have a greater being within you, a stronger being within you. Remember, if the body is not moving your mind cannot move, because the mind and body are not two things, they are two poles of one phenomenon. You are not body and mind, you are bodymind. Your personality is psychosomatic, bodymind, both. Mind is the most subtle part of the body, or you can say the reverse, that the body is the grossest part of the mind. So whatsoever happens in the body happens in the mind and vice versa, whatsoever happens in the mind happens in the body. If the body is nonmoving and you can attain a posture, if you can say to the body, “Keep quiet,” the mind will remain silent. Really, the mind starts moving and tries to move the body, because if the body moves then the mind can move. In a nonmoving body the mind cannot move; it needs a moving body.

If the body is nonmoving, the mind is nonmoving – you are centred. This nonmoving posture is not only a physiological training, it is to create a situation in which centering can happen, in which you can become disciplined. When you are, when you have become centred, when you know what it means to be, then you can learn because then you will be humble. Then you can surrender. Then no false ego will cling to you because once centred you know all egos are false. Then you can bow down. Then a disciple is born.

To become a disciple is a great achievement. Only through discipline will you become a disciple. Only through being centred will you become humble, will you become receptive, will you become empty and the guru, the master, can pour himself into you. In your emptiness, in your silence, he can come and reach you. Communication becomes possible.

Disciple means one who is centred, humble, receptive, open, ready, alert, waiting, prayerful. In Yoga the master is very, very important, absolutely important, because only when you are in the close proximity of a being who is centred will your own centering happen.

When Krishna says that – I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me – he who is centred in himself means whose centre and the universe’s centre has become one. Then there is no possibility of losing each other.


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