When powers start happening in your spiritual growth, the greatest courage is needed not to show them.

It is said of a disciple of Rinzai, a Zen Master, that some other religious Master’s
disciple was talking to him and the other Master’s disciple said,
‘Our Master is a man of miracles. He can do anything he wants. I have seen many miracles he has been doing, I have witnessed them myself.
What is the great thing about your Master? What miracles can he do?’
And the disciple of Rinzai said, ‘The greatest miracle that my Master can do is not to do miracles.’

Meditate on it. ‘The greatest miracle my Master can do is not to do miracles.’ When miraculous powers start happening, only the weaklings will do them. The stronger one will not do them — because he knows that now this is another trap. Again the world is trying to pull him back.

This is the last trap. If you can avoid psychic energies, silently, witnessing, if you can pass them by without being entangled by them, without being imprisoned by them, only then do you arrive home. It is a great ensnarement.

Live In Mystery

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day. ― Albert Einstein

What story simply says Live In Mystery. Mystery is Living In The Now.

If you want to live an amazing life A truly abundant, happy life Make it a priority to LIVE more in the PRESENT MOMENT. You don’t need fancy cars, you don’t need millions of dollars. You don’t need THINGS.

All you need is within you now. All you need is this very moment, right NOW. This precious PRESENT MOMENT To be aware of all the miracles that are around you and indeed a PART of you, right now.

Learning from the story The Greatest Miracle: Live In Mystery

Experience Learning

All that you need is this precious present moment, right now. All unhappiness is formed when we take our being away from the present moment. Stress, disappointment and anger when we think about events of our PAST that we have no control over right now.

Anxiety or worry when we think about the FUTURE, also of which we have no control over right now. Most of us seem to be always searching for some place else, some better moment in the future.

But that moment never comes. Because when that moment comes we want more. When we just stop and appreciate everything in this moment. Everything most take for granted. Like the LIFE in our bodies. Like the ENERGY inside us.

Like the MIRACLE of human life. Like the MIRACLE of creation. The wonder of this universe. The wonder of you being able to communicate to all the parts of your body without speaking a word.

The wonder of our senses. The sun, the rain, the air you breathe in right now. When we can truly grasp this powerful PRESENT MOMENT There are no problems. There are only miracles. Many think being lost in the present moment might eliminate any chance of growth or success in their life. However, the opposite is true.

When everything you DO is infused with your presence, everything you DO is done with more quality, with more connection, with more love. And when you are more connected with everything you do, there is greater success on all levels. The success all of us seek is really just the FEELING we believe we will get in achieving it. So the SUCCESS itself is really a feeling. And any feeling, even the highest elation can be achieved RIGHT NOW when your attention, when your APPRECIATION is 100% focused on this perfect present moment.

When we stop seeking an end point, and instead make each moment an end in itself.

When we can appreciate the journey so much that a destination is not needed. The journey is the new destination. The new miracle.

That is what life is really all about. 
Making the most out of each moment. Appreciating the wonder and miracles in each moment. You need nothing materially speaking. You are complete As you are Right now.


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