Original Seed – In Gita Verse 7.10 O son of Pṛthā, know that I am the original seed of all existence, the intelligence of the intelligent, and the prowess of all powerful men.

Now Krishna is introducing himself. It is the toughest job. Imagine when you want to introduce yourself, how much difficulty you face. Wholeness of Krishna cannot be said in words. He is saying something which cannot be said. So he tells where his presence is tangible as intangible. He says that I am the seed of all existence means I am always present, omnipresent, but unless the seed dies as seed then only through the process of growth, in that liveliness you will experience me.

Krishna is telling I am present in your intelligence if you want to experience me in your intelligence then become alive through your alertness. In that aliveness you will find your own Godliness, in that Godliness you find God, Krishna, Whole.

Become more and more alive, authentic, responsive. Even if there is a possibility to go astray, go astray, because there is no way to grow if you are so afraid of committing errors. Errors are good. Mistakes have to be committed. Never commit the same mistake again, but never be afraid of committing mistakes. People who become so afraid of committing mistakes never grow. They go on sitting in their place, afraid to move. They are not alive.

If you are alive there is inconvenience. If you are alive there are challenges. If you are alive then every moment you have to face reality, encounter reality.

Every moment you have to be ready to change and to move. Reality has no security and that is its beauty. Life has no security and that is its beauty. Because there is no security, there is adventure. Because the future is unknown, nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment.

In this mystery you will have a glimpse of the whole, we call it Gap, as your unclouded consciousness. In that moment you will know through your intelligence the presence of God, Krishna, Whole.

That’s why there is challenge, growth, adventure. If you miss adventure, you miss all. If your life is not that of an adventure, of a search into the unknown, then you are living in vain.

Krishna is introducing himself to encourage us to cross the bridge of known to unknown, tangible to intangible.

Man is a bridge between the known and the unknown. To remain confined in the known is to be a fool. To go in search of the unknown is the beginning of wisdom. To become one with the unknown is to become the awakened one, the buddha.

Remember again and again that man is not yet a being; he is on the way, a traveler, a pilgrim. He is not yet at home, he is in search of the home. One who thinks that he is at home is a fool, because then the search stops, then the seeking is no longer there. And the moment you stop seeking and searching, you become a stagnant pool of energy, you start stinking. Then you only die, you don’t live at all.

Life is in the flowing, life is in remaining a river because only the river will reach the ocean. If you become a stagnant pool then you are going nowhere. Then you are not really alive. The fool does not live, he only pretends to live. He does not know, he only pretends to know. He does not love, he only pretends to love. The fool is a pretension.

The wise lives, the wise loves, the wise inquires. The wise are ready, always ready, to go into the uncharted sea. The wise are adventurous; the fool is afraid.

When Buddha uses the word fool you have to remember all these meanings of the word. It is not the ordinary meaning that Buddha gives to the word fool. For him, the fool means one who lives in the mind and knows nothing of the no-mind; one who lives in information, knowledge, and has not tasted anything of wisdom; one who lives a borrowed life, imitative, but knows nothing of anything that arises in his own being.

By “the fool” Buddha means one who is well acquainted with the scriptures, but has not tasted a single moment of truth. He may be a great scholar, very learned; in fact, fools are scholars; they have to be because that is the only way to hide their foolishness. Fools are very learned people; they have to be, because it is only through learning words, theories, philosophies, that they can hide their inner ignorance, that they can hide their emptiness, that they can believe they also know.

Every moment be alert, be alive, be flow and you will have an understanding and experience of what Krishna is saying about himself.


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