VBT – Meditation 9.2

Stay So

OR STARE WITHOUT MOVING AN EYELASH. OR SUCK SOMETHING AND BECOME THE SUCKING. These are slight modifications. Anything will do… you are dead – it is enough.

ENRAGED IN WRATH, STAY SO. Even this part can become one technique. You are in anger: lie down, remain in the anger. Do not move from it, do not do anything, just remain still.

Krishnamurti goes on talking about this. His whole technique depends on this single thing:

ENRAGED IN WRATH, STAY SO. If you are angry then be angry, and remain angry. Do not move.

If you can stay so, anger will go and you will come out a different man. If you are in anxiety, do not do anything. Remain there, stay there. The anxiety will go; you will come out a different man. And once you have looked at anxiety without being moved by it, you will be the master.

OR STARE WITHOUT MOVING AN EYELASH. OR SUCK SOMETHING AND BECOME THE SUCKING. This last one is physical and easy to do, because sucking is the first thing a child has to do. Sucking is the first act of life. When the child is born, he begins to cry. You may not have tried to penetrate into why there is this crying. He is not really crying – it appears to us that he is crying – he is just sucking air. And if the child cannot cry, within a few minutes he will be dead, because crying is the first effort to suck air. The child was not breathing while he was in the womb. He was alive without breathing. He was doing the same which yogis are doing underground. He was just getting prana without breathing – pure prana from the mother.

That is why the love between the child and the mother is an altogether different thing from the other loves, because the purest prana – energy – joins both. Now this can never happen again. There was a subtle pranic relationship. The mother was giving her prana to the child, and the child was not breathing at all. When he is born, he is thrown out of the mother into an unknown world. Now the prana, the energy, will not reach him so easily. He has to breathe himself.

The first cry is an effort to suck, and then he will suck the milk from the mother’s breast. These are the first basic acts which you have done. Whatsoever YOU have done comes later – these are the first life acts. They can be practiced also. This sutra says: OR SUCK SOMETHING AND BECOME THE SUCKING. Suck something – just suck the air, but forget the air and become the sucking. What does this mean? You are sucking something; you are the sucker, not the sucking. You are standing behind and sucking.


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