VBT – Meditation 71.2

Know This

Sahaja Yoga says: Know that you are what you are, and don’t try to move away from it even by an inch; don’t try to be different from it in the slightest way. The moment you become fully aware of its sin, its pain, its misery, its agony, its hellfire, you will immediately jump out of it and you will be free of it in no time; you will have to be out of it totally. If a thief fully knows himself to be a thief and does not entertain in his mind even the slightest thought that he will ever cease to be a thief; if he knows that he is a thief today and he will be a greater thief tomorrow, because in twenty-four hours his habit will be further strengthened; if he accepts his destiny as a thief fully and with full understanding, do you think he can remain a thief even for a moment? This awareness that he is a thief will sink into his heart like a bullet and it will be simply impossible for him to live with this condition even for a moment. In that very moment a revolution will happen, a mutation will take place.

To be sahaja, to be natural means: that which is, is: now there is no way to walk out of it; I have to live it; and I am going to live it, to be it. What is, is. Know this, what is and live with it. That which is, is a fact; live with that fact. Live with the facticity of your life.

Sahaja Yoga means: don’t deceive yourself. Know and accept yourself exactly as you are and how you are without any reservations. If you do so, mutation will happen instantly. Mutation happens simultaneously with understanding and acceptance. Then you will not have to wait for it.

Will one wait till tomorrow if his house is on fire and he knows it? He will get out of his house in a split second! The day we fully see our life as it is – and it is a house on fire – the moment of mutation arrives. But we have our own deceptive ways. The house is on fire and we have decorated its interior with flowers. Our hands are in chains and we have coated the chains with gold, and so while we see the glitter of gold we fail to see the chains. We are full of illnesses and wounds, but we have covered our wounds with colorful bandages, and we see the colors and not the wounds behind them.

This deception is so deep and vast that we spend our lifetime in it and the moment of mutation does not come. We go on postponing that moment. Death comes, but not the moment that has been postponed. We die, but we do not change; we are simply incapable of changing.

The change, the mutation can happen any moment really. Sahaja Yoga says: live with what is, and you will be transformed. You don’t have to make efforts to change; truth changes. Jesus says, “Truth liberates.” But we don’t know the truth. We live in lies, we live in untruths; but we decorate our untruths before we live with them. And untruth binds, while truth liberates. Even the most painful truth is better than the most pleasant lie. The pleasant untruth is really dangerous. It will bind you; it will be your bondage. And even the painful truth is liberating, even its pain is liberating. So live with the painful truth, and don’t harbor lies however pleasant they may be. This is the whole of Sahaja Yoga. And then comes samadhi, ecstasy or awakening, or whatsoever you call it. You will not have to seek samadhi; it will come on its own.


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