VBT – Meditation 89.1

Expansion Of Consciousness

This technique expands your consciousness. Now in the west, many drugs are being used to expand consciousness – LSD, marijuana, and other drugs. In India also, in the old days, they were used, because they give a false feeling of expansion. All those who use drugs, for them this technique will be beautiful, very helpful, because their hankering is for expansion.

When you take LSD, you are no more confined in yourself, you have become inclusive of all. There have been cases…. One girl jumped from a seven-storey building because she felt that she could not die, death was impossible. She felt that she could fly, and she felt that there were no barriers, there was no fear. She jumped out of a seven-storey building and died, shattered. But in her mind, under the influence of the drug, there was no limitation, no death.

Expansion of consciousness has become a fad, because when you expand you feel high. The whole world, by and by, becomes included in you. You become great, infinitely great, and with greatness, with expansion, all your individual miseries fall. But through LSD or marijuana or other drugs, this is only a false feeling.

Through this technique, this feeling becomes real – really the whole world comes within you. There are two reasons for this. One: our individual consciousness is not really individual; deep down it is collective. We look like islands, but all the islands deep down are connected to the earth. We look like islands, different – I am conscious, you are conscious – but your consciousness and my consciousness somewhere deep down is one. It is connected to the earth, the basic ground.

That’s why many things happen which look inexplicable. If you meditate alone it will be more difficult to enter into it, but if you meditate with a group it is very easy, because the whole group works as a unit. In meditation camps I have felt and observed that after two or three days your individuality is no more; you become part of a greater consciousness. And very subtle waves are being felt, very subtle waves start moving, and the group consciousness evolves.

When you dance, you are not really dancing, but the group consciousness is dancing; you are just a part of it. The rhythm is not only within you, the rhythm is also without you. The rhythm is all around you. In a group you are not. The superficial phenomenon of being islands is forgotten and the deeper phenomenon of being one is realized. In a group you are nearer to the divine; alone you are further away, because again you become concentrated on the ego, on the superficial difference, on the superficial separation. This technique helps, because really you are one with the universe. It is only a question of how to dig it or how to fall into it and realize it.

Being with a friendly group always gives you energy. Being with someone who is antagonistic, you always feel that your energy has been drained out. Why? If you are with a friendly group, in a family, and you are sitting, relaxing, just being together, you feel energized, vitalized. Meeting a friend, you feel more alive than you were before. Just passing an enemy, you feel that you have lost some energy, you feel tired. What happens?

When you are meeting a friendly sympathetic group, you forget your individuality; you drop down to the basic level where you can meet. When someone is antagonistic, you become more individual, egoistic; you cling to your ego. Because of that clinging you feel tired. All energy comes from the roots; all energy comes with the feeling of a collective being.

In the beginning, doing this meditation you will feel a collective being arising, and then ultimately a cosmic consciousness arises. When all differences are lost, all boundaries disappear and existence remains as one piece, one unit, one whole; then everything is included. This effort to include everything starts from your own individual existence. Include.


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