VBT – Meditation 73.4

Don’t Blink

Try this technique, it will be helpful, but remember three things. One: don’t blink – stare. Even if your eyes start to feel pain and tears come down, don’t be worried. Even those tears will be a part of unloading; they will be helpful. Those tears will make your eyes more innocent and fresh – bathed.

You just go on staring.

The second point: don’t think about the sky, remember. You can start thinking about the sky. You can remember many poems, beautiful poems about the sky – then you will miss the point. You are not to think ‘about’ it – you are to enter it, you are to be one with it – because if you start thinking about it, again a barrier is created. You are missing the sky again, and you are again enclosed in your own mind. Don’t think about the sky. Be the sky. Just stare and move into the sky, and allow the sky to move in you. If you move into the sky, the sky will move into you immediately.

How can you do it? How will you do it – this moving into the sky? Just go on staring further away and further away. Go on staring – as if you are trying to find the boundary. Move deep. Move as much as you can. That very movement will break the barrier. And this method should be practised for at least forty minutes; less than that will not do, will not be of much help.

When you really feel that you have become one, then you can close your eyes. When the sky has entered into you, you can close your eyes. You will be able to see it within also. Then there is no need.

So only after forty minutes, when you feel that the oneness has happened and there is a communion and you have become part of it and the mind is no more, close your eyes and remain in the sky within.

The clarity will help the third point: ENTER SUCH CLARITY. The clarity will help – the uncontaminated, unclouded sky. Just be aware of the clarity that is all around you. Don’t think about it; just be aware of the clarity, the purity, the innocence. These words are not to be repeated.

You have to feel them rather than think. And once you stare into the sky the feeling will come, because it is not on your part to imagine these things – they are there. If you stare they will start happening to you.

The sky is pure, the purest thing in existence. Nothing makes it impure. Worlds come and go, earths are there and then disappear, and the sky remains pure. The purity is there. You need not project it; you are simply to feel it – to be vulnerable to it so you can feel it – and the clarity is there. Allow the sky to happen to you. You cannot force it; you can only allow it to happen.

All meditations are really allowing something to happen. Never think in terms of aggression, never think in terms of forcing something. You cannot force anything. Really, because you have been trying to force, you have created all misery. Nothing can be forced, but you can allow things to happen. Be feminine. Allow things to happen. Be passive. The sky is absolutely passive: not doing anything at all, just remaining there. Just be passive and remain under the sky – vulnerable, open, feminine, with no aggression on your part – and then the sky will penetrate you.


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