In fact nobody can lead you to the right path, because all leading is going to be wrong.

No leader can be the right leader, because leading as such is wrong. Whomsoever you allow to lead will do some harm to you because he will start doing something, forcing something, giving you a structure; and you have to live an unstructured life, a life free of all structure and character, free of all frames, references, contacts – free in this moment from the past.

So all guides are misguides, and when they disappear, and you have believed in them for so long, suddenly you feel empty, surrounded by emptiness and all paths gone. Where to go?

This period is a revolutionary period in the life of a being. One has to pass through it with courage. If you can remain in it, unafraid, soon you will start hearing your voice which has been repressed for so long. Soon you will start learning its language, because you have forgotten the very language. You know only the language that has been taught to you.

And this language, the inner language, is not verbal. It is of the feelings. And all societies are against feelings; because a feeling is such an alive thing, it is dangerous. A thought is dead; it is not dangerous. So every society has forced you into the head, pushed you from all over your body into the head.

You live only in the head. If your head is cut off and suddenly you come across your body without a head, you will not be able to recognize it. Only faces are recognized.

Your whole body has shrunken, has lost luster, softness, fluidity. It is almost a dead thing, like a wooden leg. You use it, functionally it goes on, but no life exists in it. Your whole life has gone into the head. Hung up there, you are afraid of death because the only place that you can live, the only space in which you can live, has to be all over your body. Your life has to spread and stream all over your body. It has to become a river, a flow.

A small child starts playing with his genital organs. Immediately the parents are worried – “Stop it!” The worry comes from their own repressions – because they were stopped.

Suddenly they become anxious, an anxiety arises in them, because they have been taught certain things, that this is bad. They were never allowed to touch their genital organs.

How can the child be allowed? They force the child, they punish the child, not to touch the genital organs.

What can the child do? He cannot understand why the genital organs are bad. They are as much a part of him as are his hands, his nose, his toes; he can touch every place in the body, but not the genital organs. And if he is punished again and again, of course he starts forcing his energy back from the genital organs. It should not stream there because if it streams there he wants to play with them. And it is pleasant, and nothing is wrong, the child cannot see what is wrong in it. In fact, that is the most pleasant part of the body.

But the parents are afraid, and the child can see their faces and their eyes: suddenly – they are normal human beings – the moment he touches his genital organs, they have become abnormal, almost mad. Something changes in them so drastically that the child also becomes afraid – “There must be something wrong.” Something wrong is in the mind of the parents, not in the body of the child, but what can the child do?

Just to avoid this situation; this embarrassing situation, one of the most beautiful phenomena has been repressed so deeply that women have not felt orgasm. In India still women don’t know what orgasm is. They have never heard about it; in fact they know that sexual pleasure is of the man, not of the woman. This is absurd because God is not a male chauvinist and he is not in favor of men and against women. He has given to all, equally? but girls have been prohibited more than boys because the society is male dominated. So they say, “Boys are boys; even if you prevent them they are going to do something or other.” But girls, they have to be paradigms of culture, morality, purity, virginity. They are not allowed to touch their genital organs at all. So how is it possible later on to achieve orgasm, because the energy does not move that way?

And because the energy does not move that way, a thousand and one problems arise.

Women become hysterical. Men become too obsessed with sex. Women become almost sad and depressed because they cannot enjoy the sexual experience; they become almost anti. And man becomes too interested in sex because all experiences leave something out.

Man goes on feeling he is missing something, missing something, so have more sexual experience – have it with many more women. That is not the problem. You will go on missing with one, you will go on missing with many. The problem is within you: your energy is not flowing through the genital organs.

And this way, the whole energy, by and by is forced into the head, because the head is appreciated. We have the expression “the head clerk,” “the head superintendent,” “the headmaster” – all “heads.” “Hands” is used for laborers. “Heads” are superior beings – “heads” of states. “Hands?” – just a manual worker, worthless. In India “heads” are brahmins, and the poor sudras are not even hands, legs, feet. In Hindu scriptures it is said that God created brahmins as heads and sudras as feet and kshatriyas, warriors; as hands, arms, strength, and businessmen, vaishyas, as the belly. But brahmins are heads.

The whole world has become brahmin. That is the problem – everybody living in the head, and the whole body has shrunken. Just stand before a mirror some time and see what has happened to your whole body. Your face looks very alive, red with life, but your chest? – Shrunken. Your belly? – Almost mechanical, goes on functioning in a mechanical way. Your whole body….

If people stand naked, just watching their – bodies you can see what types of work they are doing in their life. If they are workers, their hands will be alive, muscular. If they are just head people – eggheads, professors, vice-chancellors, and that sort of rubbish – then you will see their heads, very shiny, red. If they are postmen and policemen their legs will be very strong. But you will never find a fun body, a whole body, because nobody is living as a total organic unity.

One should live as a total organic unity. The whole body should be reclaimed. Because through the feet you are in touch with the earth – you are grounded – if you lose your legs and their strength and they become dead limbs, you are no longer rooted in the earth.

You are like a tree whose roots have become dead or rotten, weak; then the tree cannot live long, and cannot live healthy, fully, wholly. Your feet need to be rooted in the earth; they are your roots.

Sometimes try a small experiment. Just naked, stand somewhere – on the beach, near the river, just naked in the sun – and start jumping, jogging, and feel your energies flowing through your feet, through your legs to the earth. Jog and feel your energies going through your legs into the earth. Then after a few minutes of jogging, just stand silently, rooted to the earth, and just feel a communion of your feet with the earth. Suddenly you will feel very, very rooted, grounded, solid. You will see the earth communicate, you will see your feet communicate – a dialogue arises between the earth and you.

This grounding has been lost. People have become uprooted; they are no longer grounded. And then they cannot live. Because life belongs to the whole organism, not only to the head.

They are doing a few experiments in a few scientific labs in the West where a few heads have been kept alive. The head of a monkey is cut from the body, and the head is attached to mechanical devices which function as the body. The head goes on thinking, dreaming.

The head is not affected by it, not at all.

This is what has happened. Not only in some labs in the West, it has happened to every human being. Your whole body has become just a mechanical thing; only your head is alive. That’s why so many dreams, so much thinking, so much traffic in the head. People come and say to me, “How to stop it?” The problem is not how to stop it. The problem is how to disperse it into the whole body. Of course it is crowded, too much because the whole energy is there – and it is not meant to carry that much energy, so you go crazy, you go cuckoo.

Insanity is a disease produced by our culture; it is a cultural disease. There have existed on earth a few cultures, primitive, where madmen were not known at all, where insanity has not existed at all. And you can watch it: even now, in societies which are not economically very prosperous, educationally where the calamity of universal education has not happened yet, where people are still not just in their heads but in other parts also – maybe fragmentary, but still somewhere a pool of energy, in the feet, a pool of energy in the belly – maybe not connected, disconnected pools, but still somewhere energy is dispersed, spread all over, well distributed – insanity rarely happens. The more a society becomes head-oriented, the more insanity.

It is as if in a 110-Volt wire you are trying to force a 1,OOO-Volt current – everything will go berserk. The head needs small energy to function well. Too much energy in the head, then it continues working, it knows no end, because how to dissipate that energy? It goes on thinking and thinking and thinking, and dreaming and dreaming – day and night, year in, year out it goes on and on – for seventy years. Just think. Only this much is your life.

Then of course one becomes afraid of old age. The time is passing. Of course one becomes naturally afraid of death. Death is coming any moment and you have been just revolving in the head. Nowhere else have you moved, the whole territory of life has remained untouched.

Live, move all over the body. Accept it with deep love. Almost fall in love with your body. It is a divine gift, a temple where God has decided to reside? Then there will be no fear of old age; you will start maturing. Your experiences will mature you. Then old age will not be like a disease. It will be a beautiful phenomenon. The whole life is a preparation for it. How can it be a disease? The whole life you move towards it. It is a crescendo, the last Song and dance you are going to do.

And never wait for any miracle. You will have to do something. The mind says something or other will happen and everything will be okay. It is not going to happen that way. Miracles don’t happen. Let me tell you one story.

Abe had both his legs broken in an accident. The bones mended and Abe sued the responsible company for damages, alleging that he was permanently crippled and would have to remain in a wheelchair all his life. The insurance company employed surgeons to assess the situation. They reported that the bones had healed perfectly, that Cohen was well able to walk and that he was simply malingering. However, when it came to court the judge took pity on the boy in the wheelchair and awarded him ten thousand pounds damages. Abe was later wheeled up to the head office, to collect his cheque.

“Mr. Cohen,” said the Manager, “don’t think that you will get away with this. We know that you are malingering. And let me tell you that we are going to keep a huge dossier on you. We are going to watch you night and day. We are going to photograph you, and if we produce evidence that you can walk, not only will you have to repay the damages but you will also be held up for perjury.”

“Mr. Manager, I am permanently crippled in this wheelchair.”

“Very well, here is the cheque for ten thousand pounds. What do you intend to do with it?”

“Well, Mr. Manager, me and my wife, we have always wanted to travel So we are starting out at the top of Norway and going through Scandinavia (he motioned down with his fingers for effect), then Switzerland, Italy, Greece – and I don’t care that your agents and spies are following after me; I am crippled in my wheelchair – naturally we are going to Israel, then Persia and India and across to Japan (he motioned for effect) and then Philippines – and I am still in my wheelchair so I don’t care about your spies that are following me, and with their cameras – and from there we are going all across Australia and then to South America and all the way up to Mexico (he motions the route) and America – and remember that I am still crippled in my wheelchair, so what is the use of your spies with their cameras? – And Canada. And from there we go across to France where we are going to visit a place called Lourdes, and there you will see a miracle!”

But in actual life, miracles don’t happen. There is no Lourdes for you. If you are crippled you have to do something – because it is you who have crippled yourself, by accepting something which is absolutely foolish.

But I know you had to accept it. To survive, you decided to remain dead. To survive you sold your being.

But now there is no need to continue in that stupid thing. You can come out of it.


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