VBT – Meditation 112.4

Peak Of Realization

We are always worried for others’ opinions. So we have a question – I CERTAINLY WANT TO BECOME ENLIGHTENED. BUT IF I DO, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD?

But why are you worried about the rest of the world? Let the world worry about itself. And you are not worried about what will happen to the rest of the world if you remain ignorant….

If you are ignorant, what happens to the rest of the world? You create misery. Not that you knowingly do it, you are misery – so whatsoever you do, you sow seeds of misery all around. Your hopes are meaningless; your being is significant. You may think you are helping others – you hinder them. You may think you love others – you may be simply killing them and murdering them. You may think you are teaching others, but you may be simply helping them to remain ignorant forever – because what you hope, what you think, what you wish, is not significant. What you are is significant.

Every day I see people around who are loving to each other – but they are killing each other.

They think they are loving, and they think they are living for the other, and without them the life of their family, their beloveds, their children, their wives, their husbands, will be miserable – but it is miserable with them. And they try in every way but whatsoever they do, it goes wrong. It is bound to be so, because they are wrong. Doing is not of much importance, the being from where it comes, originates, is. If you are ignorant, you are helping the world to become a hell. It is already. This is what has happened through you. Wherever you touch, you will create hell.

If you become enlightened, whatsoever you do – or you need not do anything – just your being, your presence will help others to flower, to be happy, to be blissful.

But that should not be your concern. The first thing is how to be enlightened. You ask me, “I want to be enlightened.” But that wanting seems to be very impotent because immediately you say “but”.

Whenever “but” comes in, it shows the desire is impotent. “But what will happen to the world?” Who are you? What do you think about yourself? Does the world depend on you? Are you running it? Managing it? Are you responsible? Why give so much importance to yourself? Why feel so important?

This feeling is part of the ego and this worrying about others will never allow you to move to a peak of realization, because that peak is achieved only when you drop all worries. And you are so efficient in accumulating worries that you are simply wonderful. Not only your own, you go on accumulating others’ worries – as if yours are not enough. You go on thinking about others, and what can you do?

You can only get more and more worried and mad.


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