VBT – Meditation 21.1

Pierce With The Pin

You can try this technique also: PIERCE SOME PART OF YOUR NECTAR-FILLED BODY WITH A PIN, AND GENTLY ENTER THE PIERCING. If there is pain, then first you will have to concentrate on the whole area; then by and by it will come to a pinpoint.

But there is no need to wait. You can use a pin. Use a pin on any part which is sensitive. On the body many spots are blind spots; they will not be useful. You may not have heard about blind spots on the body. Then give a pin to anyone, to your friend, and sit, and tell your friend to pierce your back with the pin at many points. At many points you will feel no pain. You will say, “No, you have not pierced yet. I am not feeling any pain.” Those are blind spots. Just on your cheeks there are two blind spots which can be tested.

If you go to Indian villages, many times in religious festivals they will pierce their cheeks with an arrow. It looks like a miracle, but it is not. The cheeks have two blind spots. If you pierce through these blind spots, no blood will come out and there will be no pain. On your back there are thousands of dead spots, where you cannot feel any pain. Your body has two types of spots – sensitive, alive ones, and those that are dead. So find a sensitive spot where you can feel even a slight touch. Then pierce the pin and ENTER THE PIERCING. That is the thing; that is meditation. And GENTLY enter the piercing. As the pin moves inside, into your skin, and you feel the pain, you also enter. Do not feel that the pain is entering you; do not feel the pain, do not be identified with it. Enter with the pin.

Pierce with the pin.

Close your eyes; observe the pain. As the pain is piercing in, you also pierce you. And with the pin piercing you, your mind will become easily concentrated. Use that point of pain, of intense pain, and observe it. That is what is meant by GENTLY ENTER THE PIERCING.

AND ATTAIN TO THE INNER PURITY. If you can enter observing, unidentified, aloof, standing far away, not feeling that the pain is piercing you, but observing that the pin is piercing the body and you are an observer, you will attain to the inner purity; the inner innocence will be revealed to you.

For the first time you will become aware that you are not the body. And once you know that you are not the body your life is changed completely, because your whole life is around the body. Once you know you are not the body, you cannot continue this life. The center is being missed.

When you are not the body, then you have to create a different life. That life is the sannyasin’s life. It is a different life; the center is different now. Now you exist in the world as a soul, as an ATMAN, not as a body. If you exist as a body, then you have created a different world: of material gain, greed, gratification, lust, sex. You have created a world around you; this is the body-oriented world.

Once you know you are not the body, your whole world disappears. You cannot support it any more.

A different world arises which is around the soul – a world of compassion, of love, of beauty, of truth, of goodness, of innocence. The center is shifted, and it is not in the body now. It is in the consciousness.


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