VBT – Meditation 11.5

Remain Alert

If you can look through the senses and remain alert, the world will by and by appear to you as illusory, dreamlike, and you will be able to penetrate to the substance, to the very substance of it. That substance is the Brahma.

Each person usually has one or two senses, which are their main gateway to the world. For example, one person may be more developed with the auditory sense, while another may enjoy the visual. In general, our educational system rewards people who are visual or auditory and condemns those who are more kinesthetic, (feeling types.) Smelling and tasting is not even discussed as part of a school curriculum (unless it is a Steiner school of course!) This attitude sidelines a great many kids, not offering them the opportunity to develop their innate talents.

When we embark on a journey of meditation through the senses, it is a very pleasurable way to open up our fuller potential as human beings. We discover new avenues of creativity within ourselves, giving rise to boundless enthusiasm and joy. Life takes on more sparkle and a deeper resonance. We are embraced by bliss, and find our taste and smell acting as a homing device, leading us where we are meant to be.

If you are more visually oriented, you represent about 60% of the population. Your world will have a tendency to be all about colour, form, light and dark, radiant or dull.

If you are more oriented towards auditory (hearing), you represent about 20% of the population. You will be sensitive to sound or silence, the tone of a voice, and sense the intention behind the words.

If you are more of a kinesthetic type of person, you represent 15% of the population. You are open to emotional expression, and crave regular touch and physical contact with life, whether that be your lover, friends, trees or the sensual feel of a fabric.

If you are an olfactory type of person, you represent about 4% of people. Life to you may be a kitchen, or a garden full of herbs, or the scent of essential oils. You will want to discover the right partner through how they smell or taste.

And lastly, if you are a conceptual type of person, you represent 1% of the population. A conceptual person has no sensory awareness, but rather operates solely through his or her mind. All of life is a concept, such as the phrase, “I think I love you.”

The more we embrace our senses, the more of a paradise we will create on earth. This is a natural outcome of becoming more sensitive. Sensitive people want to care for their bodies, care for animals and the environment. People who are cut off from their senses will have more of a tendency to be violent or uncaring towards themselves, towards others and the earth.

It takes courage to become more and more sensitive, to the point where our sixth sense capacity is awakened. It is a hero’s journey to open up and dissolve the armour, which has been donned as protection from being wounded. One day, as we discover our great capacity for sensitivity, we dare to become naked under the open sky.

A poem from Saraha Doha, a Tantric Scripture, says: “Here in this body are the sacred rivers. Here are the sun and moon. As well as all the pilgrimage places. I have not encountered another temple. As blissful as my own body.”


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