Die That Death – In Gita Verse 8.13 After being situated in this yoga practice and vibrating the sacred syllable oṁ, the supreme combination of letters, if one thinks of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and quits his body, he will certainly reach the spiritual planets.


Krishna says that before you die you need to die as an ego. Unless you have not die as ego you will not realize what death is.


I will be writing this verse by what Gorakhnathji has said.


What a wonderful statement! He says die, disappear, be completely obliterated.


DIE, O YOGI, DIE! DIE, SWEET IS DYING. – Because in this universe there is nothing sweeter than death. DIE THAT DEATH and die such a death GORAKH DIED AND SAW, die that way in which Gorakh attained enlightenment. In the same way you die and see.


One death we are already familiar with: in which the body dies, but our ego and mind go on living.

This same ego finds a new womb. This same ego, troubled by new desires, again starts off on the journey. Even before leaving behind one body, it is already eager for another. This death is not the real death.


One man told Gorakh he was thinking of committing suicide. Gorakh said: “Go and commit it, but I tell you, afterwards you will be very surprised.”

That man said: “What do you mean? I came to you so that you would tell me ‘Don’t do it!’ I went to other sadhus. They all cautioned me: ‘Brother, don’t do it, suicide is a great sin.’”

Gorakh said: “Are you mad? No one can commit suicide. No one can even die. Dying is not possible. I warn you, do it and you will be very surprised. After committing suicide you will discover, ‘What! The body is left behind, but I am exactly as I was!’… And if you want to commit real suicide, then stay with me. If you want to play nonsense games, then it’s up to you??? Jump from some mountain, put your neck in a noose. But if you want the real death, then stay by my side. I will give you the art which brings on the great death, then there will be no possibility of returning again.” But that great death seems to us to be nothing but great death, this is why he is calling it sweet.




Gorakh says I teach death, the death I passed through and became awakened. It was the death of sleep, not of me. The ego died, not me. Duality died, not me. Duality died, and non-duality was born. Time died, and I met the eternal. The small constricted life broke, and the drop became the ocean. Yes, certainly when the drop falls into the ocean in one sense it is dying. As a drop it is dying. And in another sense for the first time it attains to the great life??? It lives on as the ocean.


Same thing told by Rahim also.

The poet Rahim has said: The drop equals the ocean, what a miracle! whom to tell?

Rahim the seeker astounded, looking at himself.

Rahim says, the drop is equal to the ocean, how miraculous! Who to tell? Who will believe it? It is so wondrous who will accept that the drop and the ocean are equal, that the drop is the ocean? The whole existence is enthroned in an atom, that nothing is small here, that everything contains the whole!

The drop equals the ocean, what a miracle! whom to tell?

It is so wondrous, if you tell it to someone he will not believe it. It is so wondrous that when I knew it for the first time myself, I didn’t want to believe it.


Rahim the seeker astounded…When I saw it for the first time, I too remained astounded. Rahim the seeker astounded, looking at himself. I looked at myself and was astounded, because I had always thought I am small and constricted.


But one’s own vastness is experienced when one breaks the boundaries of the limited, when one transcends the small.

As an ego you have not gained anything, you have only lost. Creating the ego you have not received anything, you have lost all. You have remained a drop, a very tiny drop. The more arrogant you are, the smaller you go on becoming. Conceit strengthens the ego more and more. The more you melt the bigger you become, the more you dissolve, the greater you become. If you dissolve completely, if you evaporate completely, the whole sky is yours. Fall into the ocean, you become the ocean.

Evaporated, rising in the sky, you become the sky. Your being is one with existence.


The drop equal to the ocean, what a miracle! whom to tell?


Krishna is saying that once you have your own experience of The drop equal to the ocean – you will know that death is nothing but merging and becoming Universe, God, or reaching the spiritual planets.


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