VBT – Meditation 26.4

Remain With The Fact

There are two parts to this technique. First, remain with the fact – aware, attentive of what is happening. When you feel a sexual desire, what is happening in you? See how you become feverish, how your body begins to tremble, how you feel a sudden madness creeping in, how you feel as if you are possessed by something else. Feel it, consider it. Do not exercise any judgement, just move into this fact – the fact of sexual desire. Do not say it is bad!

If you have said that, the consideration has stopped, you have closed the door. Now your face is not toward the desire – your back is. You have moved away from it. You have missed a moment in which you could have gone deep down into your biological layer of being. You are clinging to the social layer, which is the uppermost.

Sex is deeper than your SHASTRAS – scriptures – because it is biological. If all the shastras can be destroyed – and they can be destroyed, many times they have been – your interpretation will be lost. But sex will remain; it is deeper. Do not bring superficial things in. Just consider the fact and move within, and feel what is happening to you. What happened to particular rishis, to Mohammed and Mahavir, is irrelevant. What is happening to you at this very moment? This alive moment, what is happening to you?

Consider it, observe it. And then the second part… this is really beautiful. Shiva says, THEN, SUDDENLY, QUIT IT.

SUDDENLY – remember. Do not say, “This is bad, so I am going to leave it. I am not going to move with this idea, this desire. This is bad, this is sin, so I will stop it, I will suppress it.” Then a suppression will happen, but not a meditative state of mind. And suppression is really creating by your own hands a deceived being and mind.

Suppression is psychological. You are disturbing the whole mechanism and suppressing energies which are going to burst out any day. The energy is there, you have simply suppressed it. It has not moved out, it has not moved in, you have simply suppressed it. It has simply moved sideways. It will wait and it will become perverted, and perverted energy is the basic problem with man.

Psychological diseases are by-products of perverted energy. Then it will take such shapes, such forms, which are not even imaginable, and in those forms it will try again to be expressed. And when it is expressed in a perverted form, it leads you into a very, very deep anguish, because there is no satisfaction in any perverted form. And you cannot remain perverted, you have to express it.

Suppression creates perversion. This sutra is not concerned with suppression. This sutra is not saying to control, this sutra is not saying to suppress. The sutra says, SUDDENLY, QUIT IT.


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