VBT – Meditation 15.4

One With The Whole

A religious person need not be in a temple or a church, but wherever he is, he is in a temple. A religious person need not be praying in a formal way, in a ritualistic way, but whatsoever he is doing, that is his prayer – doing or not doing. Doing, he is in prayer; not doing, he is in prayer.

And Kabir says: I am not irreligious – not difficult to understand – but he says: Neither am I religious. Now an even higher dimension opens: the transcendental – where a person is neither religious nor irreligious. What will this dimension be? Now even reverence or prayer or worship is no longer needed, because that too creates a difference, a distinction – the distinction between the subject and the object, the knower and the known, the worshipper and the worshipped.

This is the transcendental ultimate, when one has become one with the whole. Now one is God and there is nothing else than God. This is the ultimate experience: AHAM BRAHMASMI – I am God. ANA’L HAQ – I am the truth. That’s what Jesus means when he says: My God and I are both one. When there is oneness, even reverence will look lacking; something is missing. When there is reverence there is a little duality, a subtle duality. Now one has come to the oceanic experience.

Kabir says: I am neither religious nor irreligious, I am transcendental. And let that be your goal, let that be your destiny – because only then will you come to the unfoldment of your being: you will become a thousand-petaled lotus in full bloom… showering your fragrance into existence. You have come home.


To go beyond duality, dualism, the two. I LIVE NEITHER BY LAW NOR BY LICENCE… There are two types of people ordinarily: people who live by licence, by sensuality, by desire – people who simply indulge; they don’t know anything else. They are lost in very ordinary gratifications; their life is very gross. Then there is another type of people who live by law, discipline, commandment: the people who follow the ten commandments – who listen more to the tradition, the scripture, the society, the state, than they listen to their own desire, body, mind. They listen to authority, they don’t listen to themselves. These are the two ordinary people.

If you live by licence you live a life of indulgence – and you will be destroyed by it. If you live a life of law you will again be destroyed – not by indulgence, this time by authority – because nobody can give you the commandment, nobody can give you the law. Life is so spontaneous – how can there be a fixed law to follow? And the moment you start following a fixed law you are a dead entity, not a living being. Your life is no longer a river, it has become a stagnant pool which will simply become more and more dirty, will be more and more stinking, and will disappear into mud.

Kabir says: I neither live by licence nor do I live by law. Then how do you live? Kabir says: I live by spontaneity; I live by awareness. Watch it – this is one of the most important things. Indulgence comes from your unconscious mind. Sexuality, or a lust for power, comes from your unconsciousness, from the dark parts of your being – overpowers you, possesses you, drives you mad… and one day you simply feel your whole life is finished and you have not gained anything.

Spontaneity is the way to transcendence. If one day you really want to go beyond nature and beyond society – and God IS beyond both – then you will have to follow a tremendously risky path: that is, of spontaneity. You will have to listen to your own heart. Society has corrupted it, so you will have to sort it out – the wheat from the chaff. You will have to continuously be on guard, because society has been very tricky: it has put things so deep down that sometimes it appears as if it is your conscience – it is not.


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