After Attaining Me – In Gita Verse 8.15 After attaining Me, the great souls, who are yogīs in devotion, never return to this temporary world, which is full of miseries, because they have attained the highest perfection.


Krishna is saying that you are Individual. Remind yourself that you are individual. God has created you. You cannot be unnecessary, you cannot be accidental. And God has created you so unique, so individual, that there is no other you like you. You are the only one! He has never created a person like you before, and will never create another person exactly like you. See how much respect he has paid to you.


What is miseries?

People don’t love themselves, they don’t respect themselves; on the contrary, they condemn themselves. You are all self-condemners. That’s how you have been taught by the priests again and again, everywhere in the world. You have been conditioned to condemn yourself. And you go on condemning yourself. You don’t think yourself of any worth. And this is one of the barriers, greatest barriers.

Love yourself, respect yourself and you will be giving respect to God – because to respect the painting is to respect the painter, and to love the poetry is to love the poet. And you are the poetry and you are the painting. You are the music created by him. You are the visible proof that God is; creation is, the visible proof that the creator is. Love the creation, relish it, celebrate it. This is the only way to celebrate God. And you are the closest creation.


The man who condemns himself cannot love anybody else either. And the man who condemns himself condemns the whole existence. The world is full of these condemners, they have poisoned everybody. And the first thing that a master has to do with the disciple is to take all this poison out of his being. The greatest problem is how to make you respectful of yourself, how to make you aware that you are precious, that you are incomparable, that you have a great potential in you, that buddhas are hidden in you, that you are seeds of buddhas.


Rise, have done with fairy tales;

leave your base passions,

and come to me.

Sanai says, as every master has always said, “Come to me!” But you will have to leave a few things, only then can you come to the master. If you cannot leave those few things you will remain with the priests and you will never find the master. And the priests are the enemies of all the masters.


Rise, have done with fairy tales; leave your base passions, and come to me. There are two kinds of people in the world. The worldly people remain in the basement; they remain concerned with the base passions. And the so-called otherworldly, the religious, they become concerned with fairy tales. And both are lost.

The real seeker will drop two things. First he will drop fairy tales – that’s why Sanai mentions first, Rise, have done with fairy tales… The first thing is to drop fairy tales – inventions of the priests. And then the second thing is watch your base passions because in your base passions a great energy is hidden. If released, it will become the bridge which will join the earth and the sky …and come to me.


You have to realize

that it is his guidance

that keeps you on the path

and not your own strength.

But again Sanai reminds you that on the path of love this has to be remembered continuously. Don’t forget it even for a single moment: You have to realize that it is his guidance… Always remember that if you start moving toward God, it is he who has chosen you. Don’t for a moment think, “Look! I am a great seeker of God. I am no ordinary man, I am not worldly; I am not like these worldly creatures. I am a spiritual man; I search for God. I don’t seek and search for money or power.” You have fallen again; again you have fallen into the basement. The ego is back. Never for a single moment think that it is you who is searching for God.


On the contrary, on the path of love, remember it must be he who has called you – otherwise how could you have searched for him? It must be he who has chosen you; it must be he who is pulling you. It must be he in some unknown, mysterious way taking you farther away to some unknown existence. It is he who has taken possession of you. You have to realize that it is his guidance that keeps you on the path…


Plato used a beautiful word for truth. The word is althea, it means non-forgetting, not forgetting. It means remembering, it means constant remembering. Truth is a constant remembering. Truth is not forgetting for a single moment that God is, that only God is; that “He has given me life,” that “He has given me the desire to search for truth,” that “He has chosen me to search for him,” that “He must have called me in some mysterious way – otherwise how could I have moved in his direction?”


The lover keeps on reminding himself, “It is the beloved who is functioning like a magnet. I am being pulled, I am being drawn. It is not my work, it is his grace.” And if you can remember this, that it is his grace, the ego will not arise, and slowly, slowly the ego will be dropped.

And when the ego is dropped you have arrived. Then the three are one: then the lover and the beloved and love are one.


When Krishna says that After attaining Me – he means that those who have heard my call and pulled towards me and understood that it’s God call, God’s grace from that moment ego will not rise and they will not be returning to the objective world and it’s misery.


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