VBT – Meditation 13.1

Point On A Wall

This sutra says: AT ANY POINT IN SPACE OR ON A WALL… This will help. If you cannot imagine colors, then any point on the wall will help. Take anything just as an object of concentration.

If it is inner it is better, but again, there are two types of personalities. For those who are introverted, it will be easy to conceive of all the colors meeting within. But there are extroverts who cannot conceive of anything within. They can only imagine the outside. Their minds move only on the outside; they cannot move in. For them there is nothing like innerness.

The English philosopher David Hume has said, “Whenever I go in, I never meet any self. All that I meet are only reflections of the outside world – a thought, some emotion, some feeling. I never meet the innerness, I only meet the outside world reflected in.” This is the extrovert mind par excellence, and David Hume is one of the most extrovert minds.

So if you cannot feel anything within, and if the mind asks, “What does this innerness mean? How to go in?” Then try any point on the wall instead. There are people who come to me and ask how to go in. It is a problem, because if you know only outgoing-ness, if you know only outward movements, it is difficult to imagine how to go in.

If you are an extrovert then do not try this point inside, try it outside. The same will be the result.

Make a dot on the wall; concentrate on it. Then you will have to concentrate on it with open eyes. If you are creating a center inside, a point within, then you will have to concentrate with closed eyes.

Make a point on a wall and concentrate on it. The real thing happens because of concentration, not because of the point. Whether it is out or in is irrelevant. It depends on you. If you are looking at the outside wall, concentrating on it, then go on concentrating until the point dissolves. That has to be noted: UNTIL THE POINT DISSOLVES! Do not blink your eyes, because blinking gives a space for the mind to move again. Do not blink, because then the mind starts thinking. It becomes a gap; in the blinking, the concentration is lost. So no blinking.

If you are concentrating outwardly, then non-blinking eyes will be needed, as if you no longer have eyelids. That is the meaning of throwing away the eyelids. You have only eyes, without eyelids to close them. Concentrating until the point dissolves. If you persist, if you insist and do not allow the mind to move, the point dissolves. And when the point dissolves, if you were concentrated on the point and there was only this point for you in the world, if the whole world had dissolved already, if only this point remained and now the point also dissolves, then the consciousness cannot move anywhere. There is no object to move to – all the dimensions are closed. The mind is thrown to itself, the consciousness is thrown to itself, and you enter the center.


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