VBT – Meditation 35.1

Everything Is Relative

Continuously meditating, meditating, meditating, Chuang Tzu came to realize that everything is relative. The river is flowing because you take the bridge as static. The bridge is also flowing deep down. Nothing is static in this world. Atoms are moving, electrons are moving; the bridge is a constant movement within. Everything is flowing; the bridge is also flowing.

Chuang Tzu must have had a glimpse of the atomic structure of the bridge. Now they say this wall which looks static is not static. Movement is there, every electron is running, but the movement is so fast you cannot see it. That is why you feel it as static.

 If this fan goes on with a faster movement, faster and faster, you will not be able to see its wings, the spaces between them. You will not be able to see this. And if it moves with the speed of light, you will see simply one circular disc that is static. Nothing will be moving in it because eyes cannot catch that fast movement.

So Chuang Tzu must have had a glimpse of the atomic structure of the bridge. He waited and waited, and the fixed mind dissolved. Then he saw that the bridge was flowing – and the movement was so fast that the river was just static in comparison to it. He came running to Lao Tsu and Lao Tsu said, “Okay! Now do not ask me. The thing has happened to you.” What had happened? No-mind had happened.

In this technique, AT THE EDGE OF A DEEP WELL LOOK STEADILY INTO ITS DEPTH UNTIL – THE WONDROUSNESS. When you feel wonder-filled, when the mystery descends upon you, when the mind is no more but simply mystery – a milieu of mystery – then you will be capable of knowing yourself.

Be real unto yourself. Remain real and authentic.

Sometimes it has happened that even atheists have reached the divine because of finding their truth about themselves. Mahavir is an atheist; he doesn’t believe in God. Buddha is an atheist; he doesn’t believe in any God. So a miracle happened with Buddha. It is said about him that he was the most godless man and the most god-like. Both – godless and god-like. He was absolutely intellectual, but he reached; because he never deceived himself, he went on doing experiments. For six years continuously he was doing this experiment and that, and he did not believe it. Unless something were proven true by experience, he would not believe it. So he would do something, and if nothing happened he would leave it.

One day he reached. Just by doubting and doubting and doubting, experimenting, a point came…a point came when nothing remained to be doubted. Without any object, the doubt fell. There was no object to doubt now. He had doubted everything, and even doubt became futile. Doubt dropped, and in that dropping he realized. Then he realized that the doubt was not the real thing: rather, the doubter was, and you cannot doubt the doubter. The doubter is there to say, “No, this is not right.”

It may not be right, it may be right, but who is it who is saying that this is not right or this is right?

That source of saying is right, is true. You can say there is no God, but you cannot say, “I am not,” because the moment you say “I am not,” you have accepted yourself. Who is making this statement?

You cannot deny yourself without at the same time recognizing yourself. That is impossible.


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