VBT – Meditation 23.4

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

Even the criminal, even the worst criminal, has a little consciousness. But he does not allow his consciousness to grow. On the contrary, he allows his unconsciousness to use his consciousness.

The unconscious remains the master and consciousness is being used as a servant.

Your unconscious will join hands with your consciousness only when consciousness is the master.

Who joins hands with servants? With a master the unconsciousness will certainly join hands, knowing that now it is reduced to a servant. And nobody wants to be a servant.

People use their consciousness once in a while, but it is not the active part of their being twenty-four hours a day.

A seeker has to be conscious twenty-four hours a day. At least he has to make the effort. Slowly, slowly consciousness goes on seeping into the unconscious layers of your being. And it is not just a philosophy or an imaginary idea, because thousands of people have become totally conscious. Those who have become totally conscious have been our highest flowering. In them is the argument for our evolution.

These people who have become fully conscious have all agreed on the point that consciousness is the stuff the universe is made of – different forms, different stages, but it is consciousness.

Asking a question, “What is the source of consciousness?” is simply an intellectual question. It is not existential. If you want to ask the question existentially, become fully conscious – and you will never ask it. The question will disappear. The question will look absurd.

Consciousness is a wholeness. By denying a part you lose something – something that was really significant. And you gain nothing; you gain only extremes. Every extreme becomes a disease, every extreme becomes an illness inside, then you go on and on in turmoil; there is an inner anarchy.

Yoga is the science of transcending anarchy, the science of making your consciousness whole – and you become whole only when you transcend parts. So yoga is neither religion nor science. It is both. Or, it transcends both. You can say it is a scientific religion or a religious science. That is why yoga can be used by anyone belonging to any religion; it can be used by anyone with any type of mind.

In India, all the religions that have developed have very different – in fact, antagonistic – philosophies, concepts, perceptions. They have nothing in common. Between Hinduism and Jainism there is nothing in common; between Hinduism and Buddhism there is nothing in common. There is only one common thing that none of these religions can deny: yoga.


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