VBT – Meditation 31.1

Remain With The Whole

Remain with the whole and the form. Suddenly you will become aware of yourself, because now the eyes cannot move. And they need movement; that is their nature. So your look will move toward you. It will come back, it will return home, and suddenly you will become aware of yourself. This becoming aware of one’s self is one of the most ecstatic moments possible. When for the first time you become aware of yourself, it has such beauty and such bliss that you cannot compare it with anything else you have known.

Really, for the first time you become yourself; for the first time you know you are. Your being is revealed in a flash.

But why does it happen? You might have seen, in children’s books particularly, a picture, or in some psychological treatises, but I hope everyone must have seen somewhere or other – a picture of an old woman, and in the same lines a beautiful young woman is also hidden. There is one picture, the same lines, but two figures are in it: one old woman, one young woman.

Look at the picture: you cannot become aware of both simultaneously. You will become aware of one or the other. If you have become aware of the old woman, you cannot see where the young woman is hiding. But if you try to find her, it will be difficult, and the very effort will become a barrier.

Because you have become aware of the old woman, she will have become a fixed thing in your eyes.

With this fixed thing, you are trying to find the young woman. It is impossible, you will not be able to find her. You have to do a technique.

Just stare at the old woman; forget the young woman completely. Stare at the old woman, at the old woman figure. Stare! Go on staring. Suddenly the old woman will disappear, and you will become aware of the young woman hiding there. Why? If you try to find her you will miss. This type of picture is given to children like a puzzle, and it is said to them, “Find the other.” Then they start trying to find her, and because of that they miss.

The trick is not to try to find her: just stare at the figure and you will become aware. Forget the other, no need to think about it. Your eyes cannot remain at one point, so if you stare at the old woman figure the eyes will become tired. Then suddenly they will move from the figure, and in that movement you will become aware of the other figure which is hidden just by the old woman’s side, in the same lines. But the miracle is that when you become aware of the young woman, you cannot see the old woman. But you know that both are there now.

In the beginning you may not have believed that the young woman is hiding, but now you know because you have seen the old woman first. Now you know that the old woman is there, but while looking at the young one you cannot simultaneously become aware of the old one. And if you become aware of the old one, you will miss the young one again. Both cannot be seen simultaneously; you can see only one at a time.

The same happens with the outside and the inside look. You cannot have both looks simultaneously.


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