VBT – Meditation 33.1

Blue Infinite Sky

If you are looking into the emptiness, there is nothing to be reflected – or only the blue infinite sky. If it is reflected, if you feel the blue infinite sky within, you will become serene, you will find serenity. That is there. And if you really can conceive of emptiness – where sky, blue, everything disappears: just at emptiness – inside also emptiness will be reflected. And in emptiness, how can you be worried, how can you be tense?

In emptiness, how can the mind function? It stops; it disappears. In the disappearance of the mind – the mind that is tense, worried, filled with thoughts that are relevant, irrelevant – in that disappearance of the mind, THE SERENITY.

One more thing. Emptiness, if reflected in, becomes desirelessness. Desire is tension. You desire and you become worried. You look at a beautiful woman – a sudden desire arises. You look at a beautiful house – you want to possess it. You look at a beautiful car just passing by your side – you want to be in it, you want to drive it. A desire has come in, and with the desire mind becomes worried: “How to get it? What to do to get it?” The mind becomes frustrated or hopeless or hopeful, but it is all dreaming. Many things can happen.

When desire is there, you are disturbed. The mind is shattered into fragments, and many plans, dreams, projections start; you become mad. Desire is the seed of madness.

But emptiness is not an object; it is just emptiness. When you look at emptiness, no desire arises; it cannot arise. You do not want to possess emptiness, you do not want to love emptiness, you do not want to make a house out of it. Emptiness? You cannot do anything with it! All movement of the mind stops, no desire arises, and with the non-arising of desire, THE SERENITY. You become silent, serene. A sudden peace explodes in you. You have become like the sky.

Another thing. Whatsoever you contemplate, you become like it, you become that, because the mind can take infinite forms. Whatsoever you desire, your mind takes its form, you become it. That is why a person who is just after riches, gold, after money, his mind becomes just a treasure – nothing else.

Shake him, and you will feel the rupees inside – the sound of rupees, nothing else. Whatsoever you desire, you become that. So be conscious of what you are desiring because you are becoming that.

 The sky is the most empty thing. It is just near you and it costs nothing, and you do not have to go somewhere – to the Himalayas or to Tibet – to find the sky. They have destroyed everything, technology has destroyed everything, but the sky is still there; you can use it. Use it before they destroy it – any day they will destroy it. Look, penetrate into it. And the look must be a non-thinking one, remember this. Then you will feel the same sky within, the same dimension within, the same space and blueness and emptiness. That is why Shiva says, SIMPLY.



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