VBT – Meditation 89.5

Suppressed Is Dangerous



This is a subtle point to be understood deeply. While you hate, I don’t say suppress it, because whatsoever is suppressed is dangerous. And if you suppress something you cannot be open ever.

Then you create a private world which will not allow you to include others. You will always be afraid of this which you have suppressed, because any moment this can come out. So first thing: don’t suppress anger, hatred, or anything. But there is no need to express it to someone.

You express it to someone because you feel the other is responsible – that is wrong. The other is not responsible; only you are responsible. You feel hate because you are hateful, and the other only gives you an opportunity, nothing else. If you come and abuse me, you simply give me an opportunity to bring out whatsoever is in me. If there is hate, hate comes out. If there is love, then love will come out. If there is compassion, then compassion will come out. You are just an opportunity for me to be revealed.

If hate comes out, don’t feel that the other is responsible. He is just instrumental. We have a beautiful word in Sanskrit for it – nirmit – instrumental. He is not the cause; the cause is always within. He is just the instrument to bring the cause out. So just be thankful to him – be thankful that he makes you aware of your own hidden hate. He is a friend. You convert him into an enemy because you impose all responsibility on him. You think that he is creating hatred. No one can create anything in you, remember that forever.

If you go to Buddha and abuse him, he is not going to hate you, he is not going to be angry with you. Whatsoever you do, you cannot make him angry. Not because your effort is less, but because the anger is not there; you cannot bring it out. The other is not the source of hate, so don’t throw it on him. Just be thankful to him, be grateful to him, and the hate that is within you, throw it out unto the sky. The first thing.

The second thing: be inclusive about hate also. That’s a deeper realm, a deeper dimension. Be inclusive of hate also.

What do I mean when I say this? Whenever there is something bad, whenever something which you call bad, evil, happens, you never include it in yourself. Whenever something good happens, you include it. If you are loving, you say, ‘I am love.’ When you hate, you never say, ‘I am a hate.’ When you have compassion, you say, ‘I am compassion.’ When you are angry, you never say, ‘I am – an anger.’

You always say, ‘I am angry’ – as if anger has happened to you; as if you are not an anger – it is just happening from outside, something accidental. And when you say, ‘I am love,’ it seems something essential; not something accidental that has happened to you, not something that has come from without. It is coming from within.

Whatsoever is good, you include it. And whatsoever is bad, you don’t include it. Be inclusive of the bad also. Because you are a hate, you are an anger, and unless you feel this deeply – that ‘I am hate’ – you will never go beyond it.

If you can feel, ‘I am an anger,’ a subtle process of transformation sets in immediately. What happens when you say, ‘I am – an anger?’ Many things happen. First: when you say, ‘I am angry,’ you are different from the energy you call anger. This is not true, and from an untrue base nothing true can happen.

This is not true – this anger is you; this is your energy. It is not something separate from you.

You separate it because you create a false image of yourself – that you are never angry, that you are never hateful, that you are always loving, that you are always kind and sympathetic. You have created a false image of yourself. This false image is your ego. This ego goes on saying to you, ‘Cut anger, cut hate, they are not good.’ Not because you know they are not good, but because they don’t give you the image; they don’t feed your ego and your image.


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