Forget Words – In Gita Verse 16.22 The man who has escaped these three gates of hell, O son of Kuntī, performs acts conducive to self-realization and thus gradually attains the supreme destination.

Krishna says that only through self-realization one can know Truth.

The truth cannot be known before you actually realize it. And knowing something about the truth is quite different from knowing the truth. Whatever you know about the truth, it is bound to be untrue. It is untrue because in the absence of personal experience it simply cannot be understood. It is untrue, not from the point of view of the speaker, but from that of the listener.

If Krishna says anything about truth will you understand it in the same way in which he says it? It isn’t possible because to understand something in exactly the same way you would have to be the same as Krishna and in the same situation. By the time what Krishna says reaches you it becomes untrue. This happens because Krishna can only speak words and their interpretation has to come from you. The meaning will come from you and will therefore not be different from you. The words will be mine; the meaning and interpretation, yours.

That meaning or interpretation cannot be anything more than you are at present nor can it be beyond your present experience. Do you think you read Krishna when you read the GITA If you do, you are greatly mistaken. You are only reading yourself in the GITA – otherwise how could there be so many interpretations of, and commentaries on, the GITA In every shastra, in every scripture, we see our own image and each religion is nothing more than a mirror.

Before knowing the truth only words can be known, not the truth. Those words will be from others, from the holy books, from the avatars and tirthankaras, from the enlightened ones, but the meanings and interpretations will be yours. Your “I” will be in them. Isn’t this the reason there is so much antagonism and that there are so many differences between the so-called religions? Could any opposition or antagonism exist between Buddha and Christ? The difference of interpretation, the opposition, the antagonism is between you and me and we just carry it all on in their names.

Religion comes from those who know the truth and sects are organized by those who simply hear and believe. And so there are numerous sects – but there is only one religion. The experience of knowing the truth is unique and the experience is identical for all. But this is not the case with belief.

Knowledge is one, unique, but beliefs are as numerous as there are people who believe.

Religion is the outcome of darshan, of the vision of truth, but religions are the outcome of not seeing the truth. Religion is founded by those who know but religions are organized by those who do not know – and even with their well-meant efforts, religion becomes irreligious. Throughout his whole history man has been a victim of this curse, of this contradiction in terms.


It doesn’t mean you think at all. Thinking can never go beyond what you know, and if you do not know the truth how can you possibly think about it? Thinking always stays within the boundaries of your experience. It is just brooding about knowing. Thinking is never creative, it is merely repetitive.

What is unknown cannot be known by thinking. If you want to know the unknown you must get out of what you know. To enter the unknown you have to leave the shores of the known.

It is therefore better not to form any concept about truth at all. That concept will be totally untrue, a lifeless word without a living meaning. That word may be respected by tradition, revered by thousands, upheld by the shastras, but for you it will have no value at all. It is one thing to see the broken image of truth through the narrow and limited framework of that word, and quite another when frameworks fall away and you have a look at the whole expanse of the sky.

The sky is not hemmed in by anything. Nor is the truth contained by anything. All frameworks are man made; all concepts are man made. If you want to know the truth, step out of your frameworks.

Krishna says to know the truth, forget words and thoughts and so-called knowledge and leave the known so the unknown can come in. And give up all man made concepts. Then you will know the one who is nobody’s creation, but the basis of all creation itself.


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