Being Must Grow – In Gita Verse 17.25 Without desiring fruitive results, one should perform various kinds of sacrifice, penance and charity with the word tat. The purpose of such transcendental activities is to get free from material entanglement.

Krishna says once you hear the divine sound Om you are Tat – that – then your  purpose of such transcendental activities is to get free from material entanglement.

To know and to be are one and the same. To be is the only way to know. And there are two dimensions of growth: one of knowledge and one of being.

You can know more and more and more, and still remain the same. BE more. The being must grow; not knowledge, not accumulation, not information – but being. Not knowledge, but consciousness, must grow. And only that growth which is of consciousness is spiritual. All else that just adds to your knowledge is nothing but a burden.

It is always dangerous to play with truths, because they will destroy you as you are. They will give you a rebirth. We are just pregnant for centuries and centuries, and lives and lives, and the birth has not happened. We are just pregnant, just a seed, because no one is ready to pay the price. And before one comes to that bliss which is our seeking, one has to pass through a deep suffering. That deep suffering is a must. That is the birth pain – you cannot escape it.

Why this prayer?



The relationship of the master and the disciple is the most intimate relationship possible, because bodies are not related, but spirits. All relationships are bodily, even that of the mother and son – it is just a physical relationship. The relationship of the lover and the beloved is still something earthly.

The only relationship on the earth which is unearthly is that of a master and the disciple. So if the disciple is lost, the master is lost.

One is never safe with the ego. The ego is the source of all errors. So, to feel that one is saved already, means that one is still prone, one is still tending to fall back down. Rather the more we know it, the more unknown it becomes. The other shore means the unknown – not only the unknown but the unknowable. This is the mystery; this is what makes this type of knowledge esoteric. This is what mystery means: one knows and still remains ignorant.

Money continues to circulate, just like blood in the body. Knowledge cannot be circulated like money; this knowledge cannot be transferred. Then what to do? What should the master do with the disciple? The master only prays, “Give us strength. We should endeavor together, we should make an effort together” – but we endeavor TOGETHER. The family of the master – a member of the family, because they are not teachers.

To be a buddha is one thing, but to be a master is something plus.

To know the truth is not as difficult as to communicate it. Communication is a greater difficulty, because the other comes in. In knowing, you are alone, but in communication the other comes in. And when you are trying to communicate, the other has to be considered. It becomes difficult. So there are many enlightened persons, but not so many masters. What has happened? The thing has happened, the explosion has happened, but even the person is not able to grasp the totality of it.

What has happened?

Buddha remained silent for seven days after his enlightenment. Why? One of the reasons, amongst many, is this: for seven days he tried to comprehend “What has happened? To whom has this happened? What has happened and to whom has this happened?”

Krishna says knowing is just riverlike. It goes on and on and on, and there is no end to it.


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