VBT – Meditation 67.2

The Wheel

This sutra is beautiful. This sutra says, “THROUGH CHANGE CONSUME CHANGE.” Buddha would never say the second part. The second part is basically tantric. Buddha will say that everything is a change; feel it, and then you will not cling to it. And when you don’t cling to it, by and by, by leaving everything that changes, you will fall into yourself, to the center where there is no change. Just go on eliminating change, and you will come to the unmoving, to the center – the center of the wheel.

That is why Buddha has chosen the wheel as the symbol of his religion: because the wheel moves, but the center on which it moves remains unmoving. So the SANSARA – the world – moves like a wheel. Your personality moves like a wheel, and your innermost essence remains the center on which the wheel moves. It remains unmoving.

Buddha will say life is a change. He will agree with the first part. The next – the second part – is typically tantric: “THROUGH CHANGE CONSUME CHANGE.” Tantra says don’t leave that which is changing; move into it. Don’t cling, but move. Why be afraid? Move into it, live it out. Allow it to happen, and you move into it. Consume it through itself. Don’t be afraid, don’t escape. Where will you escape? How can you escape? Everywhere there is change. Tantra says everywhere is a change. Where will you escape? Where can you go?

Wherever you go the change will be there. All escape is futile, so don’t try to escape. Then what to do? Don’t cling. Live the change, be the change. Don’t create any struggle with it. Move with it. The river is flowing; you flow with it. Don’t even swim; allow the river to take you. Don’t fight with it, don’t waste your energy by fighting with it; just relax. Be in a let-go and move with the river.

What will happen? If you can move with a river without any conflict, without any direction of your own, if the river’s direction is your direction, suddenly you will become aware that you are not the river. You will become aware that you are not the river! Feel it. Some day try it in a river. Go there, relax, and allow the river to take you. Don’t fight; become the river. Suddenly you will feel that the river is all around, but you are not the river.

In fighting you may forget this. That is why tantra says, “THROUGH CHANGE CONSUME CHANGE.” Don’t fight. There is no need because in you the change cannot enter. So don’t be afraid. Live in the world. Don’t be afraid because in you the world cannot enter. Live it. Don’t choose this way or that.

There are two types of people: one that will cling to the world of change and one that will escape.

But tantra says it is change, so to cling is futile and to escape also. What is the use? Buddha says, “What is the use of remaining in the world of change?” Tantra says, “What is the use of escaping from it?”

Both are futile. Rather, allow it to happen. You are not concerned with it; it is happening, you are not even needed for it. You were not and the world was changing, and you will not be and the world will go on changing – so why create any fuss about it?


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