VBT – Meditation 68.0


Be Hopeless

The key term is “IN REALITY.” You are also mothering many things, but in dreams – not in reality. You are also doing many things, but in dreams – not in reality. Don’t mother dreams, don’t help dreaming to grow more in you; don’t give your energy to dreaming. Withdraw yourself from all dreams. It will be difficult because you have invested so much in your dreaming. If you suddenly withdraw yourself totally from dreaming, you will feel as if you are sinking and dying, because you have always lived in a postponed dream. You have never been here and now, you are always somewhere else. You have been hoping.

Have you heard the Greek parable of Pandora’s box? To revenge a certain deed on the part of a man, Pandora was sent a box, and the box had all the diseases that are now rampant in humanity.

They were not there before, and when the box was opened the diseases were released. Pandora, being afraid after seeing the diseases, closed the box. Only one disease remained there and that was hope; otherwise man would have dissipated, all these diseases would have killed him – but because of hope he continued.

Why are you living? Have you ever asked? There is nothing to live for here and now. There is just hope. You are carrying a Pandora’s box. Why are you living right now? Why do you get up every morning? Why do you start the whole day again – again and again? Why this repetition? What is the reason? You cannot find any reason right now for why you are living, and if you find something it will be something in the future – a hope that something is going to happen: someday “something” is going to happen. You don’t know when that day will come; you even don’t know what it is that is going to happen – but someday “something is going to happen,” and so you go on prolonging yourself, you go on carrying yourself.

Man lives just in hope, and this is not life because hope means dream. Unless you live here and now, you are not alive. You are a dead weight, and that tomorrow which will fulfill all your hopes is never to come. When death will come, then only will you realize that now there is no tomorrow, and now you cannot postpone. Then you will feel disillusioned, cheated – but no one has cheated you; you are the master of the whole mess.

Try to live in the moment, in the present, and don’t cherish hopes, whatsoever their nature. They may be worldly, they may be other-worldly; it makes no difference. They may be religious – somewhere in the future, in the other world, in heaven, in the NIRVANA, after death – but it makes no difference.

Don’t hope. Even if you feel a subtle hopelessness here, remain here. Don’t move from the moment here and now. Don’t move! Suffer it, but don’t allow hope to enter in.

Through hope dreaming enters. Be hopeless. If life is hopeless, be hopeless. Accept it, but don’t cling to any future event. Then suddenly there will be a change. Once you remain in the present moment, dreams stop – because then they cannot arise. The source has been withdrawn. You cooperate with them, you mother them; that is why they arise. Don’t cooperate with them, don’t mother them.


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