VBT – Meditation 71.5

No Comparison Is Possible

A Buddha, a Krishna or a Christ, they are not ideals for YOU; you are not to follow them. If you follow them you will miss them, and your own buddhahood will never be achieved. Buddhahood is the ideal, not Buddha. Christhood is the ideal, not Jesus. Buddhahood is different from Gautam Buddha; christhood is different from Jesus. Jesus is only one of the christs. You can become a christ, but you can never become a Jesus. You can become a buddha, but you can never become Gautam. Gautam became a buddha and YOU can become a buddha. Buddhahood is a quality, it is an experience! Of course, when Gautam became a buddha, Gautam had his own individuality.

You have your own individuality. When you become a buddha, these two buddhas will not be the same. The innermost experience will be the same, but the expression will be different – absolutely different. No comparison is possible. Only at the innermost core will you be the same.

Why? Because at the innermost core there is no individuality. The individual is on the periphery. The deeper you move, the more the individual dissolves. At the innermost core you are as if no one. At the innermost core you are just a deep void, a nothingness – a SHUNYA, a zero. And because of this nothingness there is no difference, because two nothings cannot be different. But two “somethings” are bound to be different. Two “somethings” can never be the same and two “nothings” can never be different. When one becomes just absolutely nothing, a zero point, that is similar in a Jesus, in a Krishna, in a Buddha. When you will reach the ultimate, you will reach this SHUNYA – this nothingness.

But your personality, your expression of that ecstasy, is bound to be different. A Meera will dance; a Buddha can never dance. It is impossible to conceive of Buddha dancing, it looks absurd. But Meera sitting under a bodhi tree like a Buddha also looks absurd. She will lose everything, she will not be a Meera at all; she will be an imitation. The real Meera can only be conceived of as dancing in ecstasy in her own love madness. That is her expression. The innermost core is the same. With Buddha sitting under the bodhi tree and Meera dancing in mad ecstasy, the innermost core is the same. In the dancing Meera and in the silently sitting Buddha who is just like a statue, the innermost core is the same but the periphery is different. The dancing and the silent sitting are just on the periphery. If you move within Meera, as you go deeper the dance will cease, the Meera will cease.

If you go deep into Buddha, the sitting will cease, the Buddha will cease as an individual.

You can become a buddha, but you can never become a Gautam buddha: that is what is meant.

Don’t make them your ideals; otherwise you will start imitating them. And what can you do if you imitate? You can force something from without, but that will be a fake phenomenon. You will become pseudo – just painted. You will look Buddha-like – more than Buddha. You can look, but that will be just a look, an appearance; deep down you will remain the same – and this will create a duality, a conflict, an inner anguish, and you will be in suffering.


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