VBT – Meditation 79.4

Create A Gap

Remember, this is the point to understand: if the memory is still there, then the body remains and you have been playing tricks. If you really go deep in the feeling that the body is dead, burning, and the fire has completely destroyed it, you will not have any memory – in that moment. In that moment of watching, there will be no mind. Everything will have stopped – no movement of thought, just watching, just seeing what has happened.

And once you know this, you can remain in this state continuously. Once you have known that you can separate yourself from the body…. This technique is just a method to separate yourself from the body, just to create a gap between you and the body, just for a few moments to be out of the body.

If you can do this, then you can remain in the body and you will not be in the body. You can go on living as you were living before, but you will not be the same again.

This technique will take at least three months. Go on doing it. It is not going to happen in one day, but if you go on doing it every day for one hour, within three months, some day suddenly your imagination will have helped and the gap will be created, and you will actually see the body gone to ashes. Then you can watch.

In that watching you will realise a deep phenomenon – that the ego is a false entity. It was there because you were identified with the body, with the thoughts, with the mind. You are neither – neither the mind nor the body. You are different from all that surrounds you; you are different from your periphery.

Apparently the technique seems simple, but it can bring you a deep mutation. But first go and meditate on the burning ghat, on the burning ground, so you can see how the body burns, how the body turns to dust again – so you can imagine easily. Then start from the toes and move very slowly. And before doing this technique, pay more attention to exhalation. Right before entering the technique, for fifteen minutes exhale and close the eyes; allow the body to inhale and open the eyes.

For fifteen minutes feel a deep relaxation and then enter into it.

All the enlightened ones, all the religions, agree on one thing only. Their disagreements are many, but there is one agreement amongst all, and that is that man, because of his ego, is closed to reality. The ego is the only barrier; the feeling that I AM.

On this point Buddhas and Christs and Krishnas all agree. And because they all agree it seems to me that this is the basic thing in all religious endeavours. All else is accidental; this is essential – that you are debarred because of your own ego.

What is this ego? Of what, does it consist? How does it arise? And why does it become so important?

Look at your mind – because you cannot understand the phenomenon of ego theoretically; you can only understand it existentially. Look at your mind, observe it, and you will come to a deep understanding. And if you can understand what the go is, there is no problem; it can be dropped easily. Rather, there is no need to drop it. If you can understand it, the very understanding becomes the dropping, because the ego is created through your non-understanding, it is created through your sleepiness.

If you become alert about it, if you focus your consciousness towards it, it disappears. It disappears – just as when you bring light into a room and the darkness disappears. Even if you bring light to look at darkness, to see what darkness is… if you bring light it disappears. The ego exists because you have never been alert to your existence; it is a shadow of your non-alertness. So really, there is no need to drop it. If you can look at it, it drops by itself.


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